True Crime Podcast Recommendations


Hey y’all! In the last few months, I’ve become obsessed with True Crime podcasts. In fact, I’ve been listening to them more than I have music lately. I know I’ve talked to y’all a little bit about some of my favorite regular podcasts (Bad on Paper mainly) and I promise I do listen to something other than true crime podcast (The Office Ladies, Goal Digger), but I’ve been on a bit of a “spree” lately. That’s a crime pun, by the way. I hope someone got that!

Two of the first podcasts I listened to are some of the most well know: Dirty John and Dr. Death. If you haven’t already listened to these two, I highly recommend it. Dirty John will make you even more skeptical of any potential partners you might meet on the internet, and Dr. Death is NOT a good one to listen to if you’re planning to have any type of surgery or medical procedure any time soon. But, since I’ve listened to those, I’ve been whizzing through other podcasts, using every opportunity I’m in the car to listen, and I wanted to share my recommendations with you:

Serial: Season 1. This podcast delves into the 1999 murder of high school student Hae Min Lee and the subsequent conviction of her ex-boyfriend, Adnan Syed, for the crime. This story has so many crazy twists and turns, and I had so many theories about what actually  happened. If you listen to it, I guarantee that you will, too! I found myself shaking my head so many times as I listened to the case unfold.

Mared & Karen: The WVU Coed Murders. My coworker, who actually attended West Virginia University, told me about this podcast, and it’s really well done! It delves into the disappearance and murder of two West Virginia University coeds back in the 1970s. Their bodies were eventually found, and one person did confess to the crime… but experts aren’t sure if his confession was truthful. And let me tell ya—the number of potential suspects in the area at the time of the murders is unbelievable! So many people with violent pasts and tendencies were living in that area. This is another one where you’ll have a LOT of theories. If you want to talk about your theories, I’m here for ya!

Mared & Karen’s host created as second podcast: Big Savage, which tells the story of the mysterious death of Alexander Stevens in Savage River State Park in Maryland. Y’all… I sometimes couldn’t believe what I was hearing when I listened. My mouth would literally fall open. This is another one of those mind-boggling cases where you just can’t figure out what really happened. Did Alex Stevens fall off the cliff? Did he jump? Was he pushed? And how did his throat end up cut? Don’t research the outcome of this case yet—listen to the podcast first! You won’t regret it!

Bear Brook is the story of four bodies stuffed into two barrels discovered in Bear Brook State Park in 1985. This case was so puzzling for so long, but this podcast takes you along the journey of researching the victims’ genetic genealogy in an attempt to find their families. Ultimately, the investigation led to the discovery of a serial killer who claimed more than just those four victims and a string of crimes that spanned from coast-to-coast.

Man in the Window. This one is a little harder to listen to, honestly. This podcast deals with one of California—and the nation’s—most notorious serial killers: The Golden State Killer. This man terrorized areas of California for years and years, raping over fifty women and brutally murdering thirteen people. Listening to the story of his violence was a little disturbing, so just be warned. I also have a book from the library that was written in the last few years, I’ll Be Gone In The Dark, about the Golden State Killer that I’m going to read soon.



So those are my podcast recommendations for ya right now! I’m currently listening to Up & Vanished, Season 1 which is the story of an Oscilla, Georgia woman named Tara Grinstead who disappeared in 2005. The case was cold for years, but this particular podcast helped renew interest in the case and the killer has been arrested. I will say that this particular podcast has a LOT of episodes and while they’re each less than thirty  minutes long, I am getting a bit bogged down. In the meantime, I’m also listening to Sworn: The Lake Oconee Murders which really intrigues me because it happened so close to my hometown. It’s also crazy because of the lack of physical evidence in addition to the fact that the murders happened in a gated, affluent community where crime is almost nonexistent. Sworn also has several other seasons, but they seem to be relatively short—only three-to-five episodes.

I will also say that true crime podcasts are NOT for everyone. For example, Ryan keeps saying, “why are we listening to something about death and murder?” In a way, it’s true; I have been listening to a lot of podcasts about death and murder. But I’ve found that when I’m listening to them, my brain is working, processing the facts that are presented and working out my own theories of “who dunnit”. So podcasts aren’t for everyone, but I’m obsessed. Is it weird? Maybe. Do I care? Nope haha! But if you do like them or think you might, I hope this post gives you some good ideas. I listen on Spotify, but I think you can find most of them on Apple Podcasts as well!

If you have any recommendations for me, please feel free to drop them in the comments below and, as always, thanks for reading!




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