1st Visit to Asheville



Ryan and I visited Asheville, North Carolina for the first time EVER this past weekend, and both of us were excited to visit the mountains because it’s been a while since we’ve been. We were supposed to go to Highlands, NC this time last year, but a massive snowstorm blew through, and we weren’t able to go. I wanted to share a quick recap of where we stayed, what we ate, and what we did. I don’t want to call this a “travel guide” because I don’t feel like


Cumberland Falls B&B. This whole trip came about because I won a free night’s stay at this b&b in an IG giveaway. We thoroughly enjoyed our first stay in a bed & breakfast. It was much more comfortable and cozy than a generic hotel room, but it still had the amenities of a hotel, I think. Asheville definitely has a lot of accommodation options, though; AirBNBs, B&Bs, hotels, and resorts.




First of all, let me say that before you visit Asheville, do your research on what restaurants you want to try and MAKE RESERVATIONS! I really can’t stress that enough because the wait for a table (even for two) can be really long.

Our first night there, we ate at Farm Burger (a franchise chain, I believe) and thoroughly enjoyed it. We had lunch at a restaurant a little off the main strip called HomeGrown, and it was really tasty. They have healthier options, and all of the food felt very clean and fresh. Our second night in town, we ate at Early Girl Eatery, which serves tasty comfort food. We actually ordered meatloaf, which was really good! For Sunday brunch before we headed home, we ate at Tupelo Honey, and that was 100% a highlight of our trip. Make a reservation ahead of time, though—can’t stress that enough. It was delicious, and they brought us our food so quickly, even though the restaurant was packed!


We also visited French Broad Chocolate Lounge for dessert + coffee on Friday night, and it was a great place to grab a slice of cake and sit together in the warm, coziness of a café for a little while. They offer a variety of dessert and coffee options, too. We also visited Double D’s Coffee & Desserts which is a double-decker bus converted into a coffee shop. It’s so cute, but it was so busy we didn’t actually get to try the coffee or desserts.


Farm Burger. I recommend the Farm Burger and fries or onion rings. 


We actually met up with my friend Chelsea who was in Asheville for the weekend. 


Since it was our first visit to Asheville, we spent a lot of time walking around, checking out little shops and exploring the downtown area. We wanted to see a good mountain view, though, so we drove to the Haw Creek Valley overlook, and it was absolutely beautiful. Definitely worth the fifteen minute drive outside of Asheville along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We also visited two breweries: Wicked Weed & New Belgium. Wicked Weed is right in downtown Asheville and has a restaurant with indoor & outdoor seating. We dropped in for a beer and then stood out side around the fire pit to enjoy it because inside was so crowded. New Belgium was great—it’s located on the French Broad River, and it has a LOT of outdoor space. If you’re traveling with a dog, this is definitely the spot for you. They have a giant lawn, and so many people were sitting on the lawn, enjoying beer and food from the two food trucks that were there.




On Saturday afternoon, we drove up to the Grove Park Inn (an Omni resort) to watch the sunset and have a drink on the terrace. When you reach the resort, ask for directions to the Vanderbilt Garage. (Fun Fact: You can park there for three hours for free!) Grove Park Inn has a number of restaurants, too, but you’ll definitely want to make a reservation. We grabbed a drink from the hotel lobby bar and then sat outside and enjoyed a beautiful sunset!





Asheville was absolutely beautiful, and we really did enjoy our stay. I would definitely like to go back and stay in a place further out in the mountains where we could hike. We also want to take the dogs back and, hopefully, see some snow. If you’re not a big brewery fan, staying right in downtown Asheville might not appeal to you as much—just my personal opinion. Still, it’s a beautiful place, and we really enjoyed our stay. I feel like there’s so much to see and do, and we really only saw a little of it. We definitely want to go back and visit the Biltmore at some point, but we were trying to travel on a budget, and the Bilmore didn’t fit that budget this time around.

If you have any questions about Asheville for me, please let me know. I’ll answer them as I can!

Thanks for reading,





  1. Now I want a trip to Asheville! Maybe I’m ready for a trip anywhere, but it looks beautiful. And I love your hair down like in lots of these pics, by the way!


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