Writing Update


Happy Wednesday, friends!

For a long time, I’ve kept my fiction writing and my blogging separate. I even had two separate Instagram accounts, which was really exhausting, and I found myself giving more time to my blog Instagram account than my writing. Then I felt guilty for not spending more time on the other one! It was a complicated, vicious circle. So, as of yesterday,  I’ve officially “merged” my two Instagram accounts. Basically, I decided which one I wanted to be main account and then changed the “handle”. You can now find me on IG at @theemmawoodham. Why did I do this? Because I need to manage my time better and make the best use of the time I do spend on social media. Plus, for too long, it has felt as if I was dividing myself into two parts. I’m not just Emma the Blogger or Emma the Author. I’m Emma the Author who is also a Blogger, and I decided it was time to stop trying to divide my time and energy. So here goes—from now on, I’ll be sharing more and more about my writing, starting today:

I want to start by answering the questions I get almost every time I talk to someone about my book:

  1. How many copies of The Lights Out Club have you sold? Honestly, I haven’t kept track, but book sales were satisfactory. Do I wish I’d sold more copies? Absolutely. But when I look at the amount I invested to produce the book (formatting, cover design, etc) and the amount of revenue I made, I definitely broke even. I hope that I’ll do a little better on the second book and a little better than that on the third, but I don’t write books because I want to make money. I do it because I’m passionate about writing and because I have many stories to tell.
  2. Are you writing a sequel to The Lights Out Club? Yes, I plan to. Currently, I’m working on a different project, but I hope to start working on the next book in TLOC series sometime in early 2020 and publish it sometime in Summer 2020. The second book in the series will pick up three-four years after The Lights Out Club ended and will continue to follow the journeys of Ellie & Olivia.
  3. Where can I buy your book? The Lights Out Club is currently available on Amazon here.
  4. Can I buy a signed copy? At this time, I’m not selling any signed copies. I did a few batches this several times, but it’s a lot of work to get all the packages wrapped up and mailed out, and I found myself running short on time.

So, if I’m not working on the sequel to The Lights Out Club, what am I working on? Lemme tell ya! I’m writing a still untitled (really need to work on that title) novel about a young woman, Addy Legare, who returns to her hometown of Charleston in a time of career (and housing) crisis. She’s reluctant to return, though, because every corner of her hometown holds memories of the wedding she called off at the last minute. Everywhere she goes, she seems to run into her ex-fiancé, Brett, whose struggles with substance abuse are what led to the canceled wedding in the first place. Meanwhile, Addy fights her attraction to Marcus, her brother’s best friend, because she’s definitely not looking for a relationship. She’s looking for a new job.

Yeah, so that’s the crummiest synopsis I could have possibly come up with, but I did it on the fly, so… I’m also still struggling to come up with a good title for this book. It’s eluding me, but when I find it, I’ll know it.

I learned so much from publishing my first book, and I can’t wait to use what I’ve learned when I publish my second book. I’m definitely going to do more for the book launch, and I’m hoping to host a more intimate signing event so I can deliver signed copies to those who want them. I’m really excited to use my ONE Instagram platform to promote it, too, instead of trying to juggle two.

Honestly, I know the next three (maybe four) books that I want to write, and I’m so excited to write them! I’m so excited for you to read them!

And that, folks, is my writing update. If you have any questions, please feel free to drop a comment or DM me on Instagram.

Love y’all,






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