Subscription Boxes–Worth the Hype?

Happy Monday, y’all! Today, I want to talk to y’all about SUBSCRIPTION BOXES. I’ve spoken with several other bloggers to get their opinions on different subscription boxes, too, and I can’t wait for you to hear their thoughts & mine.

Today’s post will be featuring Katie from Seasons of Katie, Allison from Charleston Charmed, Kayla from Everything Kayla XOXO, and Rachel from Savvy & A Side Part.

I’ll start by saying that I have always been skeptical of subscription boxes. How good could they really be? That’s what I asked myself. And then, finally, I decided to try one out.

To date, I have tried out Fab Fit Fun, Ipsy, Rocksbox, & Book of the Month. I have only JUST subscribed to Book of the Month and received two books from them, so I’ll update y’all on that at a later date.

Let’s start with Fab Fit Fun because it seems to be one of the most popular:

Me: I subscribed to FFF in the spring, and I’ve now received three of their boxes. I love that I get to try full-size products, especially when they are brands that I might not normally splurge on. I’ve discovered a number of products that I genuinely love (Living Proof hair products are amazing). They also send me fun goodies that I wouldn’t normally buy for myself, and it’s only $50/box ($200/year). One box is mailed out each season, and it is typically themed for that season.

Kayla: I have been very pleased with FFF box, I love that I get to customize some items that I definitely want in my box. I think for $50/season it is worth it to receive over $200 worth of products [in each box]. And I LOVE that it is geared towards the seasons! I would recommend 100%!!!  I believe that it is worth the money and since you do get to customize some items, it helps tailor it to you.


 Kayla & I have both subscribed to Ipsy in the past, too:

Me: I tried Ipsy because the basic bag was only $10/month, and I wasn’t willing to make a bigger financial commitment. I only subscribed for two months because I really didn’t care for it at all. For starters, when I signed up, the company told me I’d been “waitlisted” but that I could be moved to the front of the line if I shared my subscription on Facebook. I was immediately aggravated. The products I received were satisfactory—I got a nice tube of Smashbox long-lasting lip color—but nothing that I would buy a larger quantity of when it ran out.

Kayla: like Ipsy but do not like it at the same time [as Fab Fit Fun]. Sometimes I would receive the same product a few months later. A majority of the time I only liked 2 or 3 things that I received in my box. For one month, I did try Ipsy Plus, which I thought was worth the $25/month. Within the first 2 regular sized items I received in the box (out of 5) it already totaled over $25. 

Overall, I think Kayla and I both felt that while Ipsy does allow you to try out some different makeup products, it’s not always 100% satisfactory. I would say that, in this case, you get what you pay for. I canceled my subscription after two months and have no plans to reinstate it.

Allison and I are both huge fans of Rocksbox…

Both of us subscribe to and are partnered with Rocksbox. I’ll be honest—when I first heard about Rocksbox, I wasn’t too sure if I would like it or not. Here’s how it works: You fill out a questionnaire about what types of jewelry you prefer, what metals, etc., and Rocksbox curates a box tailored to your preferences. However, if any of the pieces don’t “suit your fancy”, you can swap them out. Plus, each month, you get a $21 credit towards any pieces you want to purchase! And mailing the boxes back is so easy—you use the same package they arrive in and apply the shipping label (included) before dropping it off at your nearest post office. Rocksbox is only $21/month, and you get three pieces of jewelry to try in each box. If you wear all the pieces within one or two weeks, you can send the box back and pick out three more items—you don’t get just one box a month!

Me: I have thoroughly enjoyed being a subscriber to Rocksbox. I love jewelry, especially statement earrings, and Rocksbox lets me try out styles that I wouldn’t normally splurge on, especially Kate Spade or Kendra Scott. And every month that I subscribe, I get a credit towards any pieces I might want to buy from the set. AND… I was actually JUST approved to partner with Rocksbox. If you want to get your first month free, just enter my promo code “peachesandpalmettosxoxo” before checkout.

Allison: I currently am partnered with Rocksbox, and they are the only subscription box I use! I have used a few makeup/beauty subscription boxes in the past and while they were fun at first, I just kept collecting stuff I might never use and eventually started receiving repeat products in those boxes. When I heard about Rocksbox, it seemed perfect for me. I have an earring obsession, so it has been a great way to switch up my earring collection each month without overspending, plus I get to try out other kinds of jewelry too. (Side note: Allison has styled some Rocksbox pieces on her Instagram and has actually been featured on the Rocksbox website!).

My friend Katie has tried a variety of boxes, and I love how honest she is about the quality of the products! She subscribed to Birchbox for a year and highly recommends it, though she did start to receive duplicate products towards the end of her subscription.

Katie: I didn’t know a lot about makeup and premium skincare and wanted a good way to try it. Loved that Birchbox sent samples and only $10 a month, but I quit after a year because I was spending too much on full size products and got some repeats in my box. 10/10, would recommend to a friend.

Katie also got a chance to try out CauseBox and loved the reusable, sustainable products.

I had never heard of Sephora Play until Rachel told me about it. Much like Ipsy, it’s a $10 monthly subscription for 6 makeup, skincare, and haircare products (5 of which are trial size).

Rachel: I wanted products that I knew I could find easily and that were all higher end! I would say I’m 75% pleased with Sephora Play. Because I’ve had the subscription for two years, I have noticed a lot of duplicates, and I would say they send too many skincare products when I prefer more makeup! But there are reward perks for being a Play member, and you get bonus points at Sephora. I love all the IT cosmetics products I’ve received and I’ve bought several of the full size versions!

Overall, I would say that most of the smaller, $10 makeup subscription programs are good to try for a few months or a year, until you start getting duplicate products. Based off feedback, I would say you might want to try out BirchBox instead of Ipsy.

Also, everyone I know who subscribes to Fab Fit Fun & Rocksbox loves them, and I personally think I get my money’s worth with each box. If I ever were to subscribe to another makeup box, it would be Birchbox or Sephora Play.

I would love to know what subscriptions you’ve tried or want to try! Comment below and let me know!

Love, Emma

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