Foodie Friday: Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails


New restaurants open in the Charleston area all the time—at least one or two a week, it seems. Sometimes they’re a hit, and sometimes they don’t last very long (don’t even get me started on the ice cream shop that opened earlier this summer and closed before I even got a chance to try it). So, when Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails opened a couple months ago, I was skeptical. Several different restaurants had been in that location in the last year, and I wasn’t sure that this new spot would be any different. Well, let me tell ya’… I really, really hope it stays around for the long haul because Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails is amazing!

First of all, I recommend you make a reservation. We arrived around seven-thirty on a Friday night, only a few weeks after they opened, and they barely managed to find us a table because they were so booked. You can always sit at the bar, but I prefer a table, so make a reservation if that’s what you like, too.

We both ordered a cocktail, course to try some of the more unusual concoctions. According to the server, the drink menu spans cocktails types from the 19th-21st Century + Futuristic drinks. I decided to try Mimi’s Garden Party (Gin, Dill Cocchi Americano, Aloe, Bitters, & Cucumber Serrano Oil). It was beautifully prepared, but I’ll warn you that it’s super floral-tasting. Ryan ordered the My Name Is (Brandy, Espresso Liqueur, Chicory Liqueur, & Tonic), and I swear y’all… I could’ve sipped that drink all day long! It was absolutely delicious, and I can’t recommend it enough.



For our appetizer, we ordered the Pad Thai Crispy Fried Wings. I had seen a picture of them on Instagram, and they looked absolutely yummy. And they were! They had a Thai glaze, peanuts, cilantro, & a white dipping sauce, and once again, I can’t recommend them enough. Even if you only go for Happy Hour, make a point to order the wings!


For my entree, I selected the Smash Burger—brisket, caramelized onions, American cheese, and Handcraft sauce. I love burgers, but this one was especially yummy. Y’all know I love a thin patty-burger (if you didn’t, you do now), and I love when it has a special sauce! It didn’t take me long to demolish this one!


Ryan chose a vegetarian option (not sure why)—the Ratatouille Melt (grilled eggplant, zucchini, squash, pickled shallots, tomatoes, lemon-thyme aioli, and smoked gruyere). According to him, it was pretty tasty. I need some actual meat on my sandwiches, though!

Dessert options seem to vary depending on the week, but we tried the Key Lime Pie, and it was the perfect way to end our meal!


Overall, I cannot recommend Handcraft Kitchen & Cocktails enough! We had great service, and the ambiance of the restaurant was really charming.  Go, try it, and let me know what you think!


Love y’all,


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