Author Interview: Rebecca K Sampson

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Happy Thursday, y’all! I’ve been a little MIA lately, but it’s a hectic time because I’m so wrapped up in my book launch, which is now a mere EIGHT days away! However, today, I want to take a few minutes to introduce you to another one of my fellow authors:

Rebecca K Sampson


I’ve been following Rebecca on social media (mainly Instagram) for what feels like years. I was really introduced to her during one of the online writing retreats I participated in (yes, those are a thing). Rebecca went live on Instagram and talked about her journey to becoming an author—not simply a writer, but an author. Her story was so compelling, and I was moved by her words. She was open and honest about her struggles and hardships. Since then, I’ve kept up with her through Instagram, and I also listen to her podcast, Happy Write Now! It’s great motivation when I’m headed to work or need a boost of confidence. Rebecca is, first and foremost, a fiction writer, and tomorrow is the official launch day of her debut novel, Ember Dragon Daughter! I’m so excited to read EDD because I’ve been following Rebecca’s journey of writing it for months.

There is NO DOUBT in my mind that Rebecca K Sampson will be a household name one day. This woman is strong, empowered, and unstoppable, and when she writes and publishes her self-help/motivational book one day (I’m a huge advocate of this), I promise you’re gonna want to read it. You’re also gonna want to read Ember Dragon Daughter, too.

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I got the opportunity to interview Rebecca recently, and I’m so excited for y’all to get to know her better:


P&P: Can you tell my readers a little bit about yourself?

RKS: I am Rebecca K. Sampson, a YA fantasy author. My debut novel, Ember Dragon Daughter, debuts July 19, 2019 and is available for preorder now.  I am passionate about helping other authors succeed with my worksheets, mindset resources, and by being an example of what is possible when you don’t give up. I am lucky enough to have been with my husband since I was 15. After 14 years together, we are now married and raising a little toddler named Jack. I’m excited to introduce myself as an author when he has his first career-day.

P&P: What does a typical day look like for you?

RKS: My day typically starts with hitting snooze three times before I get up and get ready to go to work. I set out my clothes, lunch, and schedule my coffee machine to brew the night before to make this snooze-morning possible without being too late. As a commuter, I need to leave for work by 6:15 AM. During my commute I listen to podcasts, music themed after my Work-in-Progress (WIP) books, and audiobooks so I can start my day with personal development and author-thoughts. Sometimes I imagine my dream-life while driving and imagine I’m on the way to a book event.

Then, it’s work time. I call my job my “muggle life” as a way to keep myself separate for added stress outside of work. I enjoy my job, but those stressors can still leak into other areas of my life, so thinking about it in a funny way helps. “That darn muggle life, I’m going to go be a wizard now. When I’m back undercover as a muggle I’ll solve that problem.”
During lunch, I work on my WIP, send out emails to those on my newsletter, or take some me-time to walk to Starbucks. After work, I spend time with my husband and son until my toddler goes to bed. This is non-negotiable family time. While I occasionally sneak in an Instagram post, I’m trying to break that habit and limit phone time from 5:30-7:30. From 7:30-9:30, I work on my goals. This time-blocking has increased my productivity immensely, but I still have a lot of work to do here as it can lead to burnout when I don’t set clear goals for what I can actually accomplish in two hours. Around 9:30, I get ready for bed, journal, and read. 

P&P: Tell me what you’re passionate about.

RKS: I am passionate about dream-weaving. Bringing together a life wilder than my imagination, chipping away every day at something bigger for myself and everyone around me. I am passionate about being a role-model; I believe that even when things get hard, you get to be the strength and light for others by being kind and empathetic. I am passionate about being a mom to a little boy that respects women in the way that everyone deserves to be treated.
I am a passionate creative, believing in worlds beyond our imagination that we can create both in fiction and in real-life. If we can create worlds from scratch, we can also create a better world to live in outside of the pages of a new novel.

P&P: What Motivates You Every Day?

RKS: Life can change so suddenly, I saw that first hand after my husband’s cancer diagnosis in 2017. That catapulted me into action in a way I never have been before. Knowing that my family may need me at any moment has lead me to this (mostly) sustained motivation.
I never want to be in a position where I have to choose between my family, well-being, and a job. I talk about this a bit in my podcast (Episode 18). Creating a sustained living as my own boss is a long-term effort, and I know that takes daily action. I’m excited to do that each day and see how my dream life develops.

P&P: Tell me about Ember Dragon Daughter. 

RKS: Ember Dragon Daughter is a YA fantasy novel with influences from my own favorite YA novels – The Selection, Matched, A Court of Thorns and Roses, and Red Queen. It is filled with magically fueled true-love, complex family relationships, betrayal, secrets, rebel-plots, and princess balls! Learn more here.

P&P: Tell me about your podcast.

RKS: Happy Write Now started in August 2018 as a way for me to better share ideas, especially as I started to consider leaving YouTube to create more time for writing. I use this special place on the internet to discuss author mindset one to two times a month. My goal is for it to be helpful and inspirational to other writers in 9-to-5s like myself. It is available for listening on Spotify.

P&P: When you’re not working on EDD or your podcast, what do you enjoy?

RKS: Family time and taking walks. And of course, Bachelor Nation. My husband and I love watching Bachelor TV shows once a week with alcohol and popcorn. It’s my favorite way to decompress.

P&P:  What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

RKS: Do not take advice from people who are not living that advice or leading a life you want to emulate.

P&P: We’ve joked about it, but have you ever considered/would you ever consider writing a motivational/self-help book? 

RKS: Yes, yes, yes! I hope to release one in the next two years, but it’s just about discovering how I want to present it. Personal development has changed my life. The World Creator’s Journal was my first attempt at personal development and I’m excited to explore it further.

P&P: Lastly, what would you tell someone who might be holding back from pursuing their goals or chasing their dreams?

RKS: I would suggest these people ask themselves a simple question: What would you regret more: chasing a dream life and only getting part of the way there OR not trying at all and staying exactly as you are now for the rest of your life? Not trying or holding back is similar to saying what you desire isn’t a priority. It can be scary to get started, I know, but once you commit it is hard to think of life any other way.

Rebecca Kelsey Sampson author


I hope y’all enjoyed this interview with Rebecca! She’s truly an inspirational person, and she emanates positive energy and joy in everything that she does. I cannot wait to see where her journey takes her!


Love, Emma


  1. Lovely interview! I have been following Rebecca since her beauty guru days, and I am amazed by her determination. Her passion is truly inspiring. Wishing her nothing but the very best!


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