My July Goals!



Happy July, y’all! I can’t believe we’re halfway through the year already. Time really flies! Y’all know me, though; I’ve got to make my monthly goals, and July is no different. June was a crazy month, and I was under a LOT of stress towards the end of the month. Why, you ask? Because, as usual, I have too much on my plate, and I tried to do way too many extra things. That being said, I wanted to share some of my goals with you:

  1. Publish my book. Yep, July 26th is the BIG DAY!! I’m finally publishing my book, and I’m so excited! I’m in the final stages of proofreading, and it’s crazy to hold my own book in my hands. I’ve still got a lot of work left to do before that day, and I’m under a little bit of stress (read a LOT of stress) right now because of this.
  2. Read more. Yes, I’ve got a lot of work to do this month, but reading is a great form of self-care, and I want to read more. I’ve got a MASSIVE stack of books that I want to read, I’m considering taking August off from writing (for the most part) and focusing on reading and promoting my book.
  3. Spend more time at the beach. I want to spend more days at the beach this month. It’s so relaxing, plus I can read on the beach (killing two birds with one stone much?). We also just got licenses for Goose & Poppy so they can be on the Sullivan’s Island beach, so we can start taking them more.
  4. Cook more & try new recipes. I feel like I’m in a cooking rut lately and have been making the same recipes over and over again, so I’m going to try something new this month, which means I also need to work a little harder at meal planning and prep.
  5. Stop overloading myself. Let’s be honest—this one may not happen, but I’ve got to do something about all the stress I’ve brought on. I’m going to try and eliminate that by making 3-4 things a priority each day and then not adding on so many other small things to my list. I think I set unrealistic expectations for what I can accomplish in a day or a week and that sets me up for failure, which then makes me feel stressed. This is something I struggle with all the time.
  6. Clean out/De-clutter. I feel like we just have a lot of STUFF, and I think the house would feel/look better if we got rid of things we don’t use.
  7. Host people at our house. Yes, it’s technically an apartment, but I call it our “house”. I really want to have people over (and we have plans to). I have put a lot of work into making our apartment look cute, and I’d like to see us host more events.
  8. Redecorate screened porch. This needs to be done before we host people at our house, but I really want us to make our porch a more usable space. Right now, it’s mostly a catchall for bikes and coolers and a lot of other junk. I want to de-clutter it, get some plants, and make it much more usable.
  9. Continue to focus on building friendships. During these last six months of blogging, I’ve met so many wonderful women, and I can see our friendships evolving and deepening. It’s great! I’ve missed having a close group of friends, and I’m excited to see where all of us go in our blogging journeys!
  10. Plan our next trip. Ryan and I definitely have the travel bug, so I’m trying to pin down where we want to go next. I’m thinking a cruise to Mexico! Or maybe just a trip to Mexico… We’ll see!


And those are my goals for July! I’m excited to see what I accomplish, but I’m really, truly focusing on keeping my stress levels as low as possible. I want to enjoy this month, especially my book launch, and I REFUSE to be so stressed about it. So here we go! Let’s make July FUN, FUN, FUN!!!

What are your goals for this month? I’d love to hear them, so please comment below!

Bye y’all,




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