Top Tips For Beating the Summer Heat


Summer officially began this past Friday, but it is already miserably hot in Charleston! We’ve been under heat advisories for the past few days, and I’ve just been trying to stay inside as much as possible. It’s even too hot to really take the dogs to the park, and I’ve felt so bad to keep them inside as much as we have. Since it’s miserable and sweltering outside, I’ve compiled a list of a few ways you can avoid the summer heat!

  1. Go to the movies! There are so many great films coming out this summer (Rocketman is out, and I hear it’s great) and movie theaters are always dark and cool!
  2. Visit a museum or the aquarium. If you prefer something a little more educational than the movie theater, these two options both offer a little more “education”. The South Carolina Aquarium in Charleston is amazing, and seeing their Sea Turtle Recovery Center is worth the admission price!
  3. Go for a mani-pedi. If you’re in need of a little pampering, head over to your favorite nail salon and get your toes and fingernails done! If you’re not looking to spend $50+ on a mani/pedi, have an at-home spa day. Light some candles, apply a face mask, and paint your toenails. Pampering yourself doesn’t mean you have to spend a lot of money.
  4. Learn to cook/bake something new. Baking is on my list of things to do more this summer—I used to bake a good bit, but I’ve fallen out of the habit lately. I also want to spend some time trying out new recipes, mainly because I’ve fallen into the rut of cooking the same few recipes over and over. If you have any good recipes, please feel free to share them!
  5. Tackle a DIY project or craft project. I’ve got a number of projects that I want to knock out this summer—primarily painting a few small pieces of furniture. Take advantage of the time inside and cross those projects off your listing.
  6. Go to a coffee shop & read a book. Honestly, one of my favorite things to do is sit in a coffee shop, listen to some relaxing music, and read leisurely. I always have a stack of books waiting to be read, and I consider reading time that’s not squeezed into a car ride or waiting room downright luxurious.

I hope these tips give you some good ideas for how to cope with the sweltering summer heat! Of course you can always visit the beach, the pool, or the lake, but those do involve being outside, in the heat. If you have any other suggestions for beating the heat, please let me know in the comments!

Bye for now,



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