Q&A with Me and Ryan



Happy Tuesday, everyone! Yesterday, Ryan and I celebrated our two-year wedding anniversary. Well, actually we “celebrated” on Saturday night with dinner at the Obstinate Daughter, a beautiful restaurant on Sullivan’s Island. Last week, on Instagram and Facebook, I asked you what questions you had for us about marriage, life in Charleston, etc. I think we answered almost all of them for you!



When did we meet? August 2012

When did we start dating? December 2012

When did Ryan propose? April 30th, 2016

How did Ryan propose? Ryan took me back to Sweetheart Circle at Georgia Southern University where we spent many happy afternoons, lying in hammocks and studying. He walked me to the middle of the circle, got down on one knee, told me that he loved me, and asked me to marry him. He picked out my ring all by himself with no help from anyone!

What was our wedding like? It was relatively small and simple. We were married in Ryan’s hometown, in his childhood church. The majority of our guests were family and very close friends, and it was a wonderful weekend! We were surrounded by the people that we loved the most, and that’s what really mattered to us.

How did we meet?

E: We were introduced by our mutual friend, Nick.

R: Nick and I hung out in high school and then went to separate colleges. I moved to GSU in 2011, and Nick came to GSU a year later. He invited me to dinner at the Mexican restaurant.

E: And Nick invited him to dinner because I invited Nick to dinner or something like that. Nick and I went to Middle Ga College together for a year, so that’s how we knew each other. He asked if he could bring this guy from his hometown to dinner. I remember I was wearing a red dress, and we met at El Som in Statesboro.

R: I don’t remember what I was wearing. I remember that I couldn’t stay on topic.

E: Yeah, and I was like, who is this guy and why does he have long, curly hair?

R: We didn’t just meet at the restaurant. Emma invited us back to her apartment, and she was living with her brother who was a Statesboro PD officer. And she made cookies. I call them lava cookies cause I bit into one and it burned my mouth.

E: We watched Superbad and the Expendables 2.

R: I always say that her cookies won me over.


What was the best marriage advice that we got that we can pass on?

R: A lot of people say happy wife, happy life, but you have to remember “happy spouse, happy house.”

E: That’s true. A lot of people also told us that it’s not about keeping up with other people our age. I don’t think we’re ready to buy a house or have kids, but a lot of people who got married around the same time or even after us are already doing those things. That’s advice I would pass on—just go at your own pace.

R: Don’t cave to peer pressure. Just follow your own route.


What’s the best way to settle an argument?

E: It’s like a debate. I have to say what I wanna say, and Ryan says what he wants to say,  and we have rebuttals.
R: We say what we wanna say and go our separate ways for ten or fifteen minutes and then come back to it.

E: it’s having to figure out compromises and solutions that work for us.


What is our favorite thing about the other?

E: You’re very sweet and thoughtful in a lot of ways a lot of husbands might not be. People often comment on how you’ll go everywhere with me. I mean, you’re going to BookCon! You don’t even like reading!

R: Yeah, I like picture books.

E: But you’re going to BookCon! That’s probably my fav thing about you. I like your legs. Your butt’s not bad either.

R: I like a lot of things. I like your smile and your face. You have a good face.

E: That’s good. You have to look at it a lot.

R: Yeah. I like your voice, too. You can sing well.


What is the most surprising thing you’ve come to realize since we got married, either good or bad?

R: You’re a lot like your mother.

E: (laugher) you’re a lot like your mother.

R: Well my mom’s awesome. Yours is too, though!

E: I think the most surprising thing is how, even though we felt like we were adult when we got married married, we have done a lot of growing since we got married.

R: Yeah, a lot of maturing. You have to stop putting yourself first. Your spouse comes first, no matter what.

E: Even when you’re engaged, you can’t even imagine how much more committed you’ll be after you get married. There’s a level of commitment that’s hard to quantify. It’s different when it’s your girlfriend of fiancé.

R: The person you’re married to is the one who’s gonna be there for you. You need to treat your spouse how you would want to be treated.

How do I get Ryan to enjoy taking blogger photos?

R: I just love spending time with you.

E: Lately, our life has just gotten so much busier with separate things, which is different for us. For the past couple years, it’s basically been the Emma and Ryan show all the time, but it has been good to have some space. When we take photos, we do it together, and we love exploring Charleston.

R: And I love taking photos.

E: It just worked out really well. And Ryan’s much more specific about taking LOTS of photos where I’m ready to go. It’s like hanging out with your best friend.

R: It’s especially fun in Charleston because the people-watching is good.


Do we want kids?

R: Someday. Not now. We have two dogs who act like kids.

E: Yeah, definitely someday.

R: Maybe when I turn thirty.

E: Yeah, sometime. Just not now. I think we’ll have two or three.

R: Oh, I was thinking one or two.

E: Okay, two. One so each dog can have a friend.


Did marriage change anything about our relationship?

E: Not really.

R: I think we’re still pretty much the same.

E: We’ve grown and matured a lot.

R: We’ve learned more about each other.

E: Yeah, we’ve been through a lot. Eight months after we got married, Ryan’s company let him a bunch of other people go, and we had to deal with unemployment. Ryan’s paycheck the primary income in the marriage, so was really stressful. I don’t think I handled it as well as I should have. It all worked out though.

Would we ever consider leaving CHS?

R: Of course.

E: Yeah, I guess. This is home right now. I’m so spoiled cause we live by the beach. We were asked by Ryan’s company to move to Mrytle Beach earlier this year, but it didn’t work out.

R: It just wasn’t right for us.

E: But we wouldn’t leave Charleston anytime soon. I’d like to have at least our first child here.

R: I like the idea of moving around to different places and exposing us to different cultures. I’d love ot move out west, to the mountains.

E: No, I need to stay by the beach.



Yay! Thank y’all so much for reading! We loved answering your questions together, mainly because it really got us talking about our relationship and how it has grown and changed. I think it’s a great date night exercise, so think of some questions and starting asking your boyfriend/girlfriend, fiancé, or spouse!




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