My Summer Reading Picks

Happy Tuesday, y’all!


In case you haven’t figured it out already, I am an avid reader. Just ask my husband. I read and own a LOT of books. Seriously, a LOT. My favorite genre is a “summer beach read” or simply the type of book that makes you feel as if you’re about to sit on a beach with a drink in your hand. I’ve always loved beach books, mainly because the covers are  almost always bright and vibrant. (I know, I know… don’t judge a book by it’s cover.)

Summer is fast approaching, and I’m already thinking about what I’m going to read on our first beach trip of the year (a few nights at Folly Beach with my in-laws). I wanted to share a few books that are coming out this Summer that I’m so excited for. I think you’ll love them:

  • The Summer Guests by my personal favorite author, Mary Alice Monroe. This book comes out on June 10, and you can read the synopsis of the book here.  I highly recommend pre-ordering so you can have a copy for your summer vacations. Monroe has a way of incorporating animals and wildlife into her stories, and The Summer Guests will focus more on horses, a deviation from her usual marine life themes. I’m going to be sharing a review on this book early in June (because I managed to get an Advanced Reader’s Copy), so be sure to subscribe to my blog so you don’t miss any of my posts.
  • Sunset Beach by Mary Kay Andrews. If you’ve never read any of Andrews’ work, I highly recommend her. She’s a sassy, Southern woman, and she writes about sassy, Southern women. She also loves to throw in a hint of mystery (Andrews’ used to write strictly mysteries, under a different pen name), and I highly recommend you pick up her book on May 6th. You can read the synopsis here.
  • Summer of ’69 by Elin Hildebrand. I love books that transport me to another place, and Hildebrand’s stories always make me want to visit the Nantucket area. Her books really are great beach books, and I love reading them while my toes are in the sand and the waves are crashing nearby. Summer of ’69, synopsis here, comes out on June 18th.
  • Surfside Sisters by Nancy Thayer will be released on July 2nd, and I love reading her books. She always seems to incorporate interesting family dynamics, and I admire the raw reality she writes about. It’s real life! Families fight! You can read the synopsis here .
  • The Lights Out Club by ME!!!! I’m planning to self-publish my book in late June, and you’ll be able to purchase it through Amazon! More details will be coming on this soon, but I’m so excited to introduce my first novel to the world! (Nervous-excited).  I will be doing a cover reveal on May 15th!

And that is my summer round-up. I hope to write book reviews about all of these, which means I’ll need to add them to my library! If you have any questions about books, need any recommendations, or want to borrow something from my large library, let me know! I love talking about books and sharing my favorites with other book-lovers!

Love, Emma




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