Let’s Taco ‘Bout This!

Last weekend, we ended up eating a LOT of tacos and queso! Most Friday nights after I get off work, we go out to eat. I get off late on Fridays, so I rarely feel like cooking. This past Friday, Ryan decided he wanted to eat at Mex 1 Coastal Cantina on Sullivan’s Island, but then on Saturday, we tried a new restaurant in downtown Charleston called Ru-Ru’s. How we ended eating so much Tex-Mex food, I have NO idea, but we certainly enjoyed it!

Mex 1 is such a fun location, and I love the surf-shack ambiance of the restaurant. I prefer sitting on the porch because I can watch people come and go along Middle Street, the main street on Sullivan’s Island. I would also have to say that Mex 1 has the best queso dip I’ve ever had, and I consider myself a connoisseur of queso (even though I’ve discovered that dairy is a trigger food for me. Thanks Whole 30).

Until I was writing this, I didn’t realize that we essentially ordered the same items at both restaurants. Hmm…

Ryan ordered one of the quesadillas, but I opted for two tacos: Bangin’ Shrimp & Baja Fish. Y’all… I could’ve eaten my weight in Bangin’ Shrimp tacos. The “sweet heat” of the Bangin’ sauce was delicious!



On Saturday, we were in downtown Charleston, and we decided to try a new place I’d heard about called Ru-Ru’s. I was particularly intrigued because my favorite aunt’s name is Ellie Ruth, and almost all of her family calls her “Ru-Ru”.

Once again, we ordered—you guessed it—queso!

I think the coolest part about Ru-Ru’s were the awesome names of the dishes listed on the menu. C’mon, the “We Were On A Break!” I mean, if you speak “Friends” references, you’ve basically sold me on whatever you’re selling. Some other fun dish names were the Bend & Snap, Run Forrest Run, and I’ll Have What She’s Having .

We HAD to order the We Were On A Break which was a steak, onion, pepper, and cheese quesadilla. We also ordered the But It’s Shark Week (buffalo chicken taco with lettuce, cheese, and ranch), Long Duck Dong (Korean Style Sweet & Spicy Steak, slaw, & sesame seeds), and Why So Serious (beef, lettuce, cheese, & pico) tacos. The Long Duck Dong was sooooo good! I also loved the But It’s Shark Week, but the buffalo sauce was spicy!



Overall, the taco scene in Charleston is good! I highly recommend both of these restaurants if you’re in the mood for some Tex-Mex. We will definitely go back to both, especially Ru-Ru’s.

Bye y’all,



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