Springtime at Magnolia Plantation & Gardens


When one of my clients told me dogs were welcome at Magnolia Plantation, I knew we had to go. We’ve been talking about visiting for a while and it’s almost  springtime, so we knew all the flowers would be blooming. We went on a Sunday morning and tried to avoid some of the heavy tourist crowds by getting there before 10:30am. I definitely recommend getting there early.

We bought tickets for the gardens and not the plantation house, which is actually a reconstruction of the home that stood on the grounds during the Civil War. Dogs are only allowed inside the house if they can be carried, and Goose & Poppy are a little too big to be carried. Besides, we primarily wanted to see the flowers.

As soon as we arrived, we could see that the gardens were definitely blooming. Pops of color caught our eyes everywhere, even as we drove down the Spanish-moss draped dirt road towards the entrance. Magnolia Plantation also has at least half a dozen peacocks who seem to have free rein of the grounds, and the males were calling out loudly as we walked up to buy our tickets. Goose & Poppy couldn’t figure out what the noise was.


If you’re interested in visiting Magnolia soon, I recommend going within the next few weeks. All of the flowers are opening up, and it’s not as hot outside as it will be in a month or two.

Some of the flowers were so beautiful and vibrant, and I had to take a lot of pictures.





I would also advise wearing comfortable walking shoes. The trails through the gardens have lots of rocks and roots sticking up, and it would be so easy to trip or stump your toe.

If you enjoy birding, bring some binoculars. We saw a lot of unusual birds, but I forgot to bring out binoculars, and I couldn’t get a good view of some of them.




I love all the beautiful bridges inside the gardens… it reminds me of Monet paintings!



Let me know if you have any questions about visiting!

Bye y’all,



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