Today on Foodie Friday: 5 Church


In case you haven’t figured it out already, brunch is really a way of life in Charleston. Locals often plan their weekends around where they’re going to brunch on Saturday or Sunday (or both days).

I was recently invited to brunch by another blogger who is working to create a community among Charleston bloggers who don’t have tens of thousands of bloggers (people like me). I met up with several other women at 5 Church, a restaurant I’ve heard so much about since we moved to Charleston. (Ryan was actually really jealous that I was going there, so I promised him we’d go back for his birthday).

5 Church really delivered, y’all. We had great service the entire time, and the meal was delicious! Since we had a larger party, my friend Katie  (click to see her blog), called ahead and made a reservation for us and our table was ready and waiting when we arrived.

I ordered coffee, expecting a simple cup of coffee to show up. Oh no! 5 Church doesn’t believe in doing their cup of morning ambition halfway. Our server brought me cup of coffee on a small tray with a tiny pitcher of creamer, brown and white sugar cubes, Pirouline sticks, and jelly beans. When I say that presentation is everything, I mean it! It was a such an inventive way to make something as simple as coffee a little bit more aesthetically pleasing.



5 Church was so sweet to us and actually brought us beignets as an appetizer, and they were so delicious! (They definitely made me excited to try beignets in New Orleans next month). 



When it came time to order, I’m not going to lie—I didn’t order anything Whole 30 compliant because, honestly, the only thing on the menu that was compliant was fruit! I decided to try out something basic: The Southern Breakfast. The Southern Breakfast comes with two eggs (cooked how you want), bacon, grits, and a biscuit. Y’all… that food was so, so yummy! The only thing I didn’t finish was the grits, and that’s because they definitely had a lot of heavy cream in them, and I really haven’t reintroduced dairy into my diet yet.





Overall, our experience was wonderful, and I would highly recommend 5 Church to anyone looking for a great Charleston dining experience. I’m excited to go back for supper sometime soon so I can try out that menu, too! 



(Inside 5 Church)

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