Celebrating Galentine’s Day (Part 3 of 3)


Galentine’s Day is another fun way you can celebrate February 14th! It’s such a great opportunity to spend some quality girl time with your friends! Leslie Knope said it best… and did it best, come to think of it.

Honestly, a great Galentine’s Day is so easy to plan. I have endless ideas! Get mani/pedis! Go see a chick-flick (does anyone want to see Isn’t It Romantic with Rebel Wilson & Liam Hemsworth?) with your friends! All of you can also get dressed up and go out to dinner, even if you’re not going with dates. Put on your cutest outfit and head downtown! Maybe you and a group of friends could go in together and book a fun AirBNB to have a girls’ weekend!

Or, if you’re not looking to spend a lot of money, gather your friends together at someone’s house and do home mani/pedis. You can also pick up inexpensive face masks from Ulta or another beauty store and do those. Pick a fun chick-flick to watch and enjoy a fun night with your friends. You could have a baking party or a Valentine-making party… I mean really, the ideas are endless!

Whatever you choose, I hope you have a wonderful Galentine’s Day! Do what makes you happy and use Galentine’s Day as a valid excuse for some self-care. Take Leslie Knope’s advice and eat some waffles!


Whether your spending Valentine’s Day with a loved one or with the friends you love, remember that Valentine’s Day is a great opportunity to tell those around you that you love them! 

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