Valentine’s Day On A Budget (Part 1 of 3)


Valentine’s Day is fast approaching, so I want to share some ideas with y’all now in case you’re still making plans! Whether you’re doing Valentine’s Day on a budget, splurging big-time, or even celebrating Galentine’s Day (any Parks & Rec fans out there?), I’ve got some suggestions for how to have the best Feb 14th possible! I’ll be splitting them up over several posts so I don’t overload you with information.

Ryan and I have definitely had years where we celebrated Valentine’s Day on a budget, and honestly,  you don’t always have to spend $$$ to have a romantic day. If you’re looking to save money on dining, you could cook dinner together at home or even eat lunch at a nice restaurant because lunch prices are typically less than dinner prices. One year, we used a restaurant gift card that had been sitting in Ryan’s wallet for months, and that saved us several dollars.

Looking for something romantic to do? Take a walk on along the beach (or pack a picnic and eat it on the beach) or visit a quiet park and spend some time together without your cell phones (the best V-Day gift ever). Just hold hands and stroll peacefully (assuming it’s not freezing cold in February wherever you live). Simply spending one-on-one time (with no phones for distractions) can be so romantic and intimate.

When it comes to gifts on a budget, I recommend making gifts for one another. (Side note:  does anyone remember that episode of Friends where Chandler and Monica are supposed to make presents for each other?) One year, I used a deck of playing cards to make 52 Things I Love About You for Ryan, and it was so cute. My mom saw it and did it for my Dad, too.

Another way to save a few extra bucks is to buy your V-Day cards at Trader Joe’s. They literally have the cutest cards for everything you could possibly want!


Trader Joe’s also has beautiful flowers and the cutest little Valentine’s Day gummies!


Remember, even if you’re celebrating Valentine’s Day without spending a lot of money, dressing up a little can always make the day special, even if you’re just cooking breakfast in bed for your spouse! I don’t typically where the color pink, but I do love wearing something BRIGHT RED on Valentine’s Day!



(This red wrap top is from LOFT’s Plus Size Line. I’m wearing a size 20,  and I’m a 42DD in bra size)



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