Brown Fox Coffee Co


When I first heard about Brown Fox Coffee Co, it was still a “food truck” that popped up at different locations around Charleston. But then, they opened their brick-and-mortar location…

… right across from my office!

I’ve tried several other coffee shops in Mt Pleasant (even the popular chains), but Brown Fox is easily my favorite, for many different reasons. First of all, the folks who work there are always so sweet and friendly, and they make me feel welcome every time. And let’s be honest, when I’m getting a coffee first thing in the morning, I want a smiling face serving it to me.


(really enjoying my coffee here…ended up liking this shot haha!)

The second reason I really love Brown Fox is that their coffee is delicious! And during the summer, they carried this Summer Tea (brew came from a local vendor, I believe) and it was the ideal for helping me cool off in the brutal summer heat of South Carolina.

Since starting Whole 30, buying a cup of coffee out somewhere has become a treat, and when I want to “treat myself”, I head to Brown Fox.


I can’t wait for spring-like weather to return, so I can head over to Brown Fox, grab a coffee, and sit in their patio area and work. Luckily for me, we get “spring-like” weather here almost all “winter” long (it was 70 degrees last weekend on Saturday, then dropped into the 40s on Sunday).

So if you’re in Mt Pleasant, check out Brown Fox Coffee Co. They offer a variety of beverages, some yummy baked goods, and they often host different pop-up shops throughout the week. One of my favorite is BKeD SHoP Donuts, which usually pops up on Fridays. Of course, since I started Whole 30, donuts are out…

Check them out on Instagram, @brownfoxcoffee or at their website, Brown Fox Coffee.




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