Word of the Year

I know I’m a little late with this post, but as I said last week, I feel as if my New Year is really just starting to get rollin’.

A lot of people I know and follow on social media have been talking about “words of the  year”. Essentially, it’s a word that you pick to be the theme of your life for that year. I’ve seen a LOT of great words of the year: Savor, Intentional, Embrace, etc. All of these are good, especially depending on your current season of life.

At the beginning of 2019, I wasn’t really planning on selecting a word for my year. I’d heard several people mention it, but I wasn’t sold on the idea for myself. Until a couple weeks ago, when it hit me. I knew what work I wanted to embody this year:




Positive words. Positive thoughts. Positive actions. I want 2019 to embody positivity.


Think about the different people you encounter throughout the day. Think about their attitudes. If their actions and words are friendly and kind, they’re much more likely to influence your day in a positive way. But if you encounter a person (maybe your barista or the cashier at the grocery store) who is grumpy and doesn’t have anything nice to say about anything, you’re much more likely to feel a little “down” afterwards. Some people, no matter what day or time you encounter them, seem to always been in negative moods.

I’m making it my goal to put positivity into the world every single day of 2019, even if I’m not feeling super positive myself. I struggle with anxiety a good bit, which can really make it tough to be positive some days. I tend to think in “worst-case scenarios” more often than “best case scenarios”, and that’s a mindset I really need to work on.

One of the ways I’m really going to strive to promote positive thinking and living in 2019 is to spend a couple minutes each day writing down a few positive things. I might write down what’s going well in my life, fun trips or outings I have coming up, or just something good that happened during the week.

What’s your word of the year? Do you have one? What are some ways you stay positive in life? Comment below and let me know!


  1. I read somewhere to have a jar of paper. Every week write something positive or good ( fun memories, trips, good news, etc) that happened to you and your family that week. On New Year’s Eve, read all of those papers and see how much you have to be thankful for throughout the year. I haven’t started it, but keep thinking it would be a great idea and your post just reminded me of it again!


  2. Your chosen word puts a smile on my face. Mine is FINISH. Finish whatever I’m currently doing/reading/writing. The only positive thing I see myself doing is doing the exact opposite of a negative thing (if that makes sense.😅)


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