A “Winter” Weekend in CHS

This past weekend, we had mild, springtime-like weather, and Ryan and I definitely took advantage of it! On Saturday morning, we walked the West Ashley Greenway for a couple miles, which was great exercise for both us and the dogs!



On Saturday afternoon, I met up with two local women who are also writers. I had never met them before, but I’m really trying to meet other writers in the area, and I think this was a great first step!



On Saturday evening, we watched the last bit of the sunset at Shem Creek Park, which is probably one of my favorite spots in the Lowcountry. I love how far out along the creek the boardwalk goes, and you’re always going to see some sort of wildlife.






On Sunday morning, we visited a new church, and we’re very excited to go back next week! We searched for a church home a while back, but we never found anywhere that we really felt was the right fit for us. This new place, though, really seemed to be a Godly place of worship, and I’m hopeful that it might become our new church home.

After lunch (Slow-cooker Pot Roast & Veggies), we headed downtown to walk around Colonial Lake, something we’ve never done before. It was a really beautiful day—so warm and peaceful.  Goose and Poppy were obsessed with peering over the edge of the lake and looking for fish.



After walking around the lake, we drove down to the Battery and strolled around for more than an hour. The tide was out, and we actually were able to walk on the tiny stretch of beach in one corner of the Battery. We found so much sea glass!




Overall, it was a beautiful “winter” weekend in Charleston, and we thoroughly enjoyed all the time we spent outside with the dogs. They were EXHAUSTED by the end of the weekend, and so were we!

Bye y’all,


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