New Year, New Goals

Happy New Year, y’all!


Can you believe it’s 2019 already? I can’t! The past twelve months flew by at an alarming rate, and sometimes I wish I could slow moments down to enjoy them more.

Since it’s the new year (and a new month), you know I have new goals. (For some reason, I don’t like to call them resolutions). Ryan and I sat down together this year and set some of our goals together. I think it’s important that we’re on the same page about some of our bigger goals. I’m not going to share ALL of my goals with you, mainly because some of them are more about personal growth. However, I will share some of our bigger goals with you. Here goes:

  1. Travel More. Ryan and I both love to travel and experience new places, and we really want to focus on taking some good weekend trips in 2019. We already have some bigger trips planned (New Orleans and NYC), but we have a number of weekend getaways in mind.
  2. Save Money. I know you’re probably wondering how this one works with our “Travel More” plan. Honestly, we spend a lot of money on unnecessary things. Trips to Old Navy and TJ Maxx are ways that I waste money, and we also spend way too much on eating out. Ryan and I really enjoy eating out—there, I said it—but we could save a lot of money if we simple shared an entrée more often. We also have some specific saving goals in mind (and we are saving for a big trip in 2020).
  3. Get Healthy/Get Active. Yeah, yeah, I know that’s everyone’s goal for the new year, but I’m not specifically saying I want to drop a certain number of pounds or run a certain number of miles. What I’m talking about is that I want to start eating healthier and getting more exercise. I want to take longer walks with the dogs, hike different trails, etc. I’m not simply doing this because I want to lose weight. I want to get healthy so that when Ryan and I decide to start a family (don’t get excited—it’s still going to be a while), I’m in the best health possible.


I also have a lot of other personal goals, number one being to PUBLISH MY NOVEL. I’m nervous about this—nervous that I won’t sell any copies, nervous that no one will like it, nervous that I’ll never figure out the entire self-publishing process. But it’s officially time to overcome those fears and JUST DO IT. I also want to start writing (and maybe publish, too) a second book.

Another big goal of mine this year is to simply be unapologetically myself. As I’ve said recently, I sometimes don’t feel like who I am is good enough, and this year I’m trying to kick those thoughts to the curb. I know it won’t be easy, but I CAN do it.

So whatever your goals are this year, I hope you crush them! And remember—it’s better to break your bigger goals down into smaller, more achievable chunks instead of giving yourself one big, daunting goal. Good luck!


Bye y’all,



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