2018: A Look Back

I can’t believe that 2018 has already come and gone. Seriously, it feels like the year just started, and yet, January feels as if it was decades ago.

Ryan and I have had a busy year, filled with ups and downs. I didn’t start this blog until June, but I figured I’d go back a little further and give you a FULL recap of our year.

January 2018-

It snowed in Charleston! I’m not just talking about a light dusting—I’m talking about inches of snow, falling for hours, and staying on the ground for DAYS! The entire city shut down for at least three days, and no one really knew what to do in a snow-covered Charleston. Ryan and I definitely played in the snow a lot, and Goose loved every single minute of it.



Later in January, we faced some tough times. Unexpectedly, Ryan’s company decided to do some restructuring, and he found himself without a job. I think it goes without saying that this was a really, really stressful time for us. (For those of you who don’t know, Ryan works in the Management side of the construction industry. He’s the primary “bread-winner” in our family)

Ryan wasted no time in contacting several companies and recruiters that he was familiar with from prior job hunts. He received lots of positive feedback, and we thought he’d have a new job in no time at all. Unfortunately, the process took a little longer than we’d expected… and we were keeping this all a secret from our parents so we didn’t give them anything to worry about.

March 2018-

In late 2017, we had booked a cruise, and we were still paying on it when Ryan was let go. (This taught us a very important lesson—never buy something with a credit card thinking you’ll pay it off soon. Only book a trip or buy something when the cash is waiting in your account.)

I’ll be honest with y’all—I did not want to go on this cruise. I was stressed, and Ryan was stressed. The interview process with several companies seemed to be dragging along, and I felt like taking the cruise was just one more way for us to spend money that we needed to save.

Once we got on the boat, I managed to forget about all the stress of the job search and enjoy myself. But then, on March 8, as we stood atop the Fort San Cristobal in San Juan, PR, Ryan checked his email. He had a job offer! And it was a good one—the job he had interviewed for right before we left on the cruise, and the one he’d really wanted. After that, we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves and had a wonderful time!


(Grand Turk, Turks & Caicos Islands)


(St Thomas, USVI. This wasn’t one of the stops we were supposed to make, but the weather prevented us going to one of our planned ports-of-call, so we ended up in St. Thomas. I have no regrets. It was beautiful!)



May 2018-

I officially began my first season of Turtle Patrols as part of the Sullivan’s Island/Isle of Palms Turtle Team! I didn’t find any tracks all summer long, but it was a great experience!


(I got caught in this storm on Sullivan’s Island on Turtle Patrol. It was so menacing-looking as it rolled towards the island)


June 2018-

I started my blog in June! Looking back, I see how much my blog has changed since then. When I first started blogging, I told myself that I wouldn’t get any recognition locally (wouldn’t be any sort of “influencer”) but I secretly hoped that I would. Surprise, surprise! I’ve gotten ZERO recognition. But that’s okay. I’m blogging, and someone (maybe just my mom and mother-in-law) is reading it.



July 2018-

We did something insane in July. We adopted a SECOND DOG! In the first few weeks after we welcomed Poppy into our lives, I felt as if we’d made a huge mistake. But now, I wouldn’t trade my sweet little nugget for anything! Poppy is a sweet puppy with so much love to give, and so many snuggles to offer.



(Poppy when we first got her, and Poppy in December)


October 2018-

Ryan and I took a weekend trip to St. Augustine to celebrate my 27th birthday. We had so much fun, but we definitely had an interesting AirBNB experience (Our 1st Experience with AirBNB).


Ryan was assigned to a project in Columbia, SC starting in October and ended up spending the next two months living and working up there during the week.


November 2018-

I had Poppy spayed early in November, and she was a pitiful patient (who eventually chewed the plastic from her e-collar and then began throwing up balls of plastic).


I also participated in National Novel Writing Month and spent the month revising my novel. By the end of the month, I was EXHAUSTED and burnt out. Hence the month-long break I’ve taken from writing and almost all things creative.


December 2018-

December was crazy, crazy busy, as usual. I spent hours baking and giving away holiday goodies. Somewhat unintentionally, I took a hiatus from writing, blogging, and almost everything else creative. My brain was fried, and I definitely needed it! Ryan finally got to come home from Columbia, which was the perfect Christmas present!


(I made so much Christmas Crack for the holidays)

And also… I got a tattoo! It’s small and easily hidden, but I did it as part of the #AuthorTattooPact. A large number of my writer friends and I decided that, as a reward for all our hard work during National Novel Writing Month, we would all get writing-themed tattoos. (I had been thinking about it for a while before, so it wasn’t a spur-of-the-moment decision.) I love it, but it’s probably the ONLY one I will ever get. Why? Because it hurt!



And then, of course, we had Christmas! We celebrated with our families by spending Christmas with Ryan’s family and then several days after Christmas at my parents’ house.


(At the Christmas lights in Downtown Macon, GA the day after Christmas)


To Sum It All Up-

2018 was a busy, stressful, wonderful year, filled with highs and lows. We were almost always busy, but it was a very productive year for us. I also learned a lot about myself and about how I handle certain life situations.

I’m headed into 2019 with some really exciting dreams and goals, and I’ll be sharing a little bit about those with you in my next post, which I hope to share on Friday!


Bye for now,

Love, Emma


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