Friday 5: Five Things For Which I’m Grateful

A couple weeks ago, I found myself in a “blue” mood. I was down in the dumps, as I usually say. Poppy had gotten spayed and was so pitiful, I was desperately trying to write (still doing NaNoWriMo ,October Writing Update), all while managing to eat something besides Chick-Fil-A and keep laundry washed. Frankly, I was exhausted. Ryan is still working out of town, and I was looking after poor little Poppy (who is fully recovered now) by myself. Suffice it to say, I had a couple mini breakdowns.



And then, somewhere amidst all the chaos and stress, I began to remind myself of all the reasons I have NOT to be stressed. The phrase ‘too blessed to be stressed’ annoys me, but there’s a lot of truth in that saying. Instead of journaling about everything going wrong in my life, I decided I needed to take a few minutes and think of what was going right in my life.

When you sit down and take the time to actually write out the blessings you have in your life, it really makes you pause and reflect, I think. So, in the spirit of Thanksgiving, I thought I would share the Five Things For Which I’m Most Grateful (sorry, I know that sounds awkward, but I hate ending sentences with prepositions).

My Husband. Ryan is such a hard worker and a good provider, and I’m so blessed to have him as my husband. He’s my biggest cheerleader—my #1 fan. Having him work out of town has been really tough, but that just makes the time we spend together on the weekends much more precious. This month, he’s been extra supportive while I work to meet my NaNoWriMo goal. This past weekend, when I was participating in an online Writing Retreat, Ryan took the dogs out and cooked supper so that I could write. I hope he knows just how much that meant to me!


Our Jobs. In some seasons of my life, I was not able to truly be thankful for my job, but I am now. In early 2017, I was hired by BNC Bank, which was purchased a few months later by Pinnacle Financial Partners. During the merger, my team and I heard so many stories about what a great company Pinnacle was to work for, and I was beginning to wonder if it could really be as good as we heard. It is. I finally work for a company that values its employees. They take such good care of us! Seriously, I’m spoiled. And, I work less than 15 minutes from our apartment, which means I can do home every day to take care of the dogs at lunch!

Ryan has a good job, too, though he does work much harder, longer hours than I. If he didn’t work so hard, I wouldn’t be able to work the (let’s face it) cushy 8-5 job that I do. I know how tired he must be at the end of every day, and I’m so grateful for him and his job.

Our Dogs. Now, I know some of you are probably thinking that I post/talk way too much about our dogs, Goose and Poppy. Well, tough stuff! I love our fur-babies, and they bring us a lot of joy. Yes, they can be headaches sometimes, and we do have to find someone to look after them if we go out of town. But we also live in a city that welcomes dogs almost everywhere, and we take them with us as much as possible. Every day, when I come home from work, I’m greeted with so much affection and enthusiasm. And, at least once a day, I get snuggles from one of them. Granted, they usually snuggle because they want toys or treats, but still!



My Writing Community. I understand that being so grateful for my online writing community—comprised of people I’ve never met—might seem strange to some of you, but these friends of mine have helped me take my writing to new levels. This past weekend, I participated in another online Writing Retreat, which really helped me accomplish a lot towards my NaNoWriMo goal. I know I wouldn’t be at the point in my writing journey that I’m at now if it hadn’t been for the support of these awesome men and women. (Write All the Time).



We Have Everything We Need. And more. What else is there to say? Ryan and I are lucky enough to have all of our basic needs met, plus more. We feel very lucky for the life God has blessed us with.


What are you most thankful for you in your life? Does something stand out? Do you need to take a few minutes away from your pity party to think about all the great things you actually gave going on? Do it! Take ten minutes and write down the first five blessings you can think of in your life.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, Thanksgiving is OVER. It’s time to decorate for Christmas!

Bye y’all,





  1. Landed on this article early in the morning here..Something very good to start with:-).
    Loved your lines.. “Instead of journaling about everything going wrong in my life, I decided I needed to take a few minutes and think of what was going right in my life.”Thank you for the article


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