How I Reward My Hard Work

I’ve written a post before about how I set monthly goals for myself (October Goals), and this month is no different. In fact, this month, I’m working on a really big goal: National Novel Writing Month. I’m doing an extreme overhaul of my book, The Lights Out Club. For this project, I have daily and weekly goals. In addition to the writing goals, I have lots of other things I need to accomplish this month. Gosh, I’m exhausted just thinking about all of it! (Just kidding. Mama, don’t worry, I’m not overdoing it).

One thing I have started doing lately is rewarding myself for reaching my goals.  A lot of my writer friends have been talking about their reward system, so I decided to develop my own. Let me explain.

My daily rewards are small, simple things. If I finish my writing goal each day (usually revising 2-3 chapters), I reward myself in some way. Some of my daily rewards are basic tasks that I normally do when I’m procrastinating, such as reading a book or watching Netflix. I’m actually making a resolution not to turn on my TV until I’ve reached my goal for the day, otherwise I’ll get sucked in! Some of my other daily rewards are getting ice cream, doing household chores (yes, this is a reward. Housework is a form of procrastination for me, so I reward myself by doing it), or renting a RedBox movie.

Now, my weekly rewards for when I’ve reached my daily goals every day of the week are a little bigger. For the first full week of National Novel Writing Month, my reward for reaching my goal is to get a manicure. For week two, go see a movie. For week three, go to Jeni’s, which is my all-time favorite ice cream shop in downtown Charleston. And my final reward… I’m not entirely certain about that yet. It’s going to be something grand, so stay tuned for that!

If you’re someone who struggles with accomplishing different tasks, set up a reward system for yourself. Even if your reward is a something as simple as allowing yourself to nap, do it! I’m telling you—offering myself these little incentives has been a big motivator for me, especially on those days where it would be all too easy to avoid writing after work and let myself read a book. So ask yourself if there’s something that would help you. Do you need daily rewards or weekly rewards? If so, establish your reward system ahead of time and let me know how it works!


Bye y’all,


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