Fam’s Brewing Co.

My coworker, Leah (who is often the person suggesting many of the restaurants that we try) works weekends at a restaurant on James Island called Fam’s Brewing Co. She’s been telling me for weeks that we should come try it, so we finally decided to go try it a few Sundays ago when she was working. Fam’s serves pizza, pasta, calzones, and salads. And of course, they’re a brewery, so they brew and serve their own beer, too!

We sat in their large patio area (because we had Goose and Poppy with us) and it was a very cool October weekend. Y’all know I love mozzarella sticks ( I have mentioned that, right?), so we decided to try Fam’s version: Fried Cheese Curds. All I can say is that these bad boys are dangerous because it would be so easy to just keep eating them! I could have picked up handful after handful!



(Here’s a fun note: I do NOT eat marinara sauce on my mozzarella sticks, which a lot of people seem to think is really strange. Anyone have any thoughts on this?)


Ryan and I both decided to order pizza, and I selected the “build-your-own” and ordered a pepperoni and bacon pizza. Ryan, as always, is a little more adventurous and went with the Muffaletta Pizza. The Muffaletta has olive oil, provolone, salami, green olives, black olives, red onions, and banana peppers—way too wacky for me!




(Ryan wanted to e sure that we got the “money” pizza shot here, complete with melted cheese strings pulling away as we lifted up a slice of pizza.)

Fam’s was really delicious, and I ate half my pizza at dinner and the other half for supper the next day. One thing I’ll say about it is that it definitely reheated well, and that’s a sign of good pizza to me!

So if you’re ever over on Folly Rd, I would recommend you try out Fam’s because it was some really delicious food, and such a great atmosphere!


Bye y’all,


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