Birthday Weekend in St. Augustine

From last week’s post, you probably already know that we went to St. Augustine for my 27th Birthday weekend. We’ve been twice before, but never the two of us by ourselves. We’ve been with Ryan’s family and also on Spring Break in 2015 (I think) with another couple, but this trip was all about us spending some time together and making our own schedule.

We headed down on Saturday morning and took our time getting  there since we couldn’t check into our AirBNB until later in the afternoon (be sure and check out last week’s post about our first experience with AirBNB if you haven’t). Once we dropped off our luggage and took a quick nap, we headed into the Historic District to walk around and have dinner. Goose & Poppy were quite a hit, and we had to stop often for people to pet them.

After walking down St. George St—the foot-traffic only street with most of the touristy shops—we decided to eat at The Florida Cracker Café. It got really good reviews online, and it certainly didn’t disappoint (check out last Friday’s post to read more about all the food we enjoyed on our trip). Goose definitely wanted to try some of our food!


After supper, we tried our first Dole Whip (which I’ve heard is a “thing” at Disney) and walked around the exterior of the Castillo de San Marcos while we watched the beautiful colors of the sunset over the Mantanzas River. Poppy really wanted Ryan to share the Dole Whip.




On Sunday morning, we left the dogs in the apartment and ate breakfast at The Blue Hen Café before driving back to downtown to browse through the shops. What we didn’t take into account, however, was that many of the shops didn’t open up until closer to noon on Sunday. Most of them weren’t open when we got down there.


After getting some really delicious iced coffee at a cute little coffee shop called the Kookaburra, we headed back to our AirBNB and picked up Goose and Poppy.


Prior to our trip, I researched the dog-friendly sites in St. Augustine. What would have been the point of taking them if they couldn’t do anything? (Be sure to check out to look up cities that you’re traveling to and what pet-friendly activities and restaurants they have.) Originally, we were planning to visit the Fountain of Youth, but Ryan did some further research, and it looked as if it was just a huge tourist trap that wasn’t even that exciting. Instead, we went to the St Augustine Lighthouse. Goose and Poppy weren’t allowed inside any of the historical buildings, but they were allowed to walk all around the grounds, and they definitely enjoyed socializing with everyone.




After a quick trip to the nearby dog park to let the dogs run off any extra energy, we took a leisurely afternoon nap before dressing for dinner. On our way back downtown, Ryan and I stopped by the St. Augustine Distillery so that he could do a tasting of their products. The Distillery offers tours, a gift shop (with free tastings), and actually has a restaurant on the backside of the building.


For our final dinner in St Auggie, we ate at one of the city’s oldest and most famous restaurants: The Columbia. Again, if you check out last Friday’s post, you can read all about it. It was such a fun experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed every part of our meal!


If you haven’t read either of last week’s posts, go check them out, and be sure to read this coming Friday’s post about the Top 5 Things you should check out when/if you visit St. Augustine!


Bye y’all,


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