Millers All Day


I don’t know about you, but I love breakfast food. On the weekends, one of my favorite things to do is cook a hearty breakfast of bacon, eggs, and biscuits or pancakes. Sometimes, though, I like to let someone else do the cooking for me…

In Charleston, though, brunch is almost a way of life, and most restaurants offer it on Saturday and Sunday mornings. Millers All Day doesn’t put any certain hours on their breakfast food offering, though. Instead, Millers offers breakfast food exclusively. All day, every day.

Ryan and I headed into downtown Charleston on Sunday afternoon for a late lunch, which meant that we avoided the breakfast/brunch/lunch crowd. I have been wanting to try Millers for weeks, based on the recommendation of a coworker whose opinion I really trust (shout-out to Leah!).


(Ryan was wearing all summer colors, but I’m over here trying to embrace Fall already)

From the moment we stepped into Millers All Day, we were instantly transported back to the 60s/70s. Everything about the space was bright and welcoming, including the staff, and I loved the retro feel of the building and it’s décor. Fun fact: in the bathroom, both the toilet and the sink were a very vintage rosy pink color! I loved it!



There were so, so many choices on the menu that I wanted to try, but we couldn’t order everything, so we decided to keep it simple for our first visit. I chose the Chicken Biscuit, and Ryan ordered the Millers Plate.

While we waited on our food, I perused the shelves of locally sourced products that Millers has on display. Honey and different types of grits, which are from Geechie Boy Mill on Edisto Island (Edisto Memories) were easily the most popular with customers and make a great souvenir to take home.


When our food arrived, it didn’t take us long to clean our plates! I’m not kidding when I tell you that Millers’ biscuits are easily the best biscuit I’ve had in all of Charleston (and I’ve tried a LOT of biscuits!).


(L,R. Chicken biscuit with home fries and a spicy mustard, and the Millers Plate with Bacon, grits, eggs, biscuit, and bacon).

We wanted to try dessert so badly, but we were both so full, so we decided to order a slice of Millers’ Chocolate Cake from their bakery menu to go. We drove down to the Charleston Battery and sat in the park to eat it, and when I tell you that this was EASILY the best dessert I’ve ever tasted, I am 100% serious. This chocolate cake had peanuts and caramel, too, and it was so rich and decadent. I’m so happy that we chose to split a piece, though, because it would have been too much for one person. The only thing that would have made it better? A glass of ice cold milk. beb30d6b-c0bd-4aa9-b89a-d9a2582b3cb7

In conclusion, if you like breakfast food served all day in a fun, retro environment, you need to check out Millers All Day in Historic Charleston, SC. You will not be disappointed!




In no way was I compensated for this review. These are my honest opinions of Millers All Day.

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