Pitt St Bridge—A Hidden Gem


Hidden away in the Old Village of Mt Pleasant (a beautiful neighborhood) is one of my favorite places in the Charleston area: the Pitt St Bridge.


(this photo was taken a while back, during the daytime. During the evening hours, this place is busy!)

Actually, it’s no longer a bridge. It’s an elevated path through the marshes with a wooden pier that stretches out towards Sullivan’s Island on the end. Before it became a pleasant park with benches and unbeatable view of the Charleston Harbor (and sunsets over the city), the bridge actually DID span all the way to Sullivan’s Island. In fact, during the Civil War, the crew of the H.L. Hunley crossed this bridge on their way to Breach Inlet where they boarded the Confederate submarine for their ill-fated mission (which reminds me, if you haven’t visited the H.L. Hunley museum, you need to). In the early 1900s, after some redesigning, the bridge allowed a trolley to pass over to Sullivan’s Island. Since then, a new bridge was built over the Atlantic Intracoastal Waterway, and eventually the Pitt St. Bridge was closed.


(All the birds hang out on the remnants of the old bridge)

But now, years later, the old bridge site is a beautiful park where people ride bikes, jog, and observe the sunset. Some come to fish, some come to bird watch, and some come to photograph the view. We’re almost always guaranteed a view a beautiful heron or egret out there, and the dolphins swim close by when the tide is high.

A couple weeks ago, we decided to walk the dogs out on the Pitt St Bridge to watch the sunset. Aside from Goose’s collar breaking and him deciding that he wasn’t going to come back to us (don’t worry, he’s fine. He just wanted to run all the way to the end of the bridge and wait for us), it was the most peaceful evening I’ve spent on the Charleston Harbor. It was cool (ish) and breezy, and the colors of the sunset were the most vibrant I’ve ever seen. As the sun dipped behind the horizon and the sky seemed to dissolve into  fiery orange flames, a fisherman out in the marsh decided it was the perfect time to play some country tunes. The music drifted quietly across the swaying marsh grass, and something about it was so surreal. The entire scene was simply the epitome of the Lowcountry Life.



Next time you’re in Mt Pleasant, you should definitely weave your way through Old Village and check out the Pitt St Bridge. If you can, go early in the morning or at sunset, because I think these are the best times and you’ll definitely get some great photos.



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