October Goals


Happy October, everyone! This is one of my favorite months of the year, assuming that the weather actually feels like October. Which it usually doesn’t.

Y’all know me, though. I’ve always, always got some sort of goals for each day, each week,  each month, and each year. And of course, October is no different. I thought I would share those goals with y’all. Ryan says I’m crazy and that I take way too much on myself. And he’s right. Oh well.

  1. Do final revisions for my novel, The Lights Out ClubI’ve got feedback from my test readers, and now it’s time to review all of those and make final changes to my story.
  2. Pick a handful of people to do a final review of my book before I start planning the publishing process. I’ve got to pick a small group who will read my book after I’ve done all these revisions and share their thoughts with me. One friend has already requested to be included, and hopefully I’ll have a couple more signed up soon.
  3. Don’t eat at any restaurants in Mt. Pleasant. In case you didn’t know, we technically live in Mt. Pleasant, just across the harbor from downtown Charleston. We tend to stay on this side of the bridge when we go out for dinner instead of trying out somewhere new. So, in October, we will not eat at any restaurants in Mt. Pleasant. Instead, we’ll venture out to different areas of town to try new places.
  4. Take Sundays off from “work” AND take one weeknight off from “work.” Now, you’re probably wondering what “work” I have to do on the weekends or on weeknights. I consider my writing (novel & blog) and all the aspects of that (my social media accounts) to be a job. It’s not my full-time job, but I put a LOT of work into all of it. Hours each week. And frankly, sometimes, I’m exhausted. I often don’t close my laptop until right before bedtime. So from here on out, I’m taking Sundays off and ONE weeknight each week. I will not work on blog posts, instagram posts, novel-writing, etc. I will put my phone down and do something else—watch TV, read a book, take the dogs to park, etc.
  5. Read the books I bought in September. Barnes & Noble had a sale, and I bought several books (about six). I need to actually read them now! I’m way behind on my TBR list.
  6. Lastly, I want to watch “Jack Ryan” on Amazon Prime. I’ve heard really good things about this series, I’ve been wanting to watch it for almost a month, and now it’s time to do it! Beside, I love John Krasinski!


What goals do y’all have for this month? Do you think I’m overloading myself like crazy like Ryan does? You’re probably right, too. We shall see!


Bye y’all,




  1. I think it’s great that you set goals for yourself. I’m a list maker, but I’m ashamed to say that I usually only accomplish the mundane, menial items on my list. Subsequently, the more important things go undone ( for instance: planning meals for the week, figuring out what home improvements I want to have done, organizing recipes I’ve collected in the past year or so, making a scrapbook for each of my seven children, among several others.) I definitely put off the things that require decisions on my part. But you inspire me. Keep it up.


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