Basil Thai Restaurant

For months now, Ryan and I have been talking about trying Basil Thai Restaurant in Mt. Pleasant. The one and only time I’ve had Thai food was when I was in NYC, and the person I was eating with insisted I try something I wasn’t entirely comfortable with… It’s a long story. Anyways, I’ve had a really negative “taste in my mouth” about Thai food for a long time (please pardon my pun).

But finally, after hearing some amazing reviews about Basil, we decided to go on a date night!

Basil is beautiful inside, and definitely feels very intimate for a restaurant that’s basically in a strip mall. Don’t let the strip mall fool you, though; Basil is elegant and the perfect place for a romantic date night. We made reservations ahead of time, and I would recommend having a reservation because Basil can be busy on the weekends.

Following the advice of my boss, we ordered the Fried Wontons for an appetizer, and they were filled with chicken, shrimp, and cream cheese. They were yummy by themselves, but the sweet and sour sauce added great extra flavor!

JPEG image-059F92B7AD05-1

For our entrees, I ordered a Thai classic: Pad Thai. Ryan, on the other hand, ordered a hot and sour shrimp soup: Tom Yum Kung. As we’ve discussed before, he’s a lot braver than I am when it comes to food choices.

JPEG image-059F92B7AD05-2

(My Pad Thai was definitely a hearty portion)


JPEG image-059F92B7AD05-4

(Ryan’s Tom Yum Kung. Look how they served it!)

Everything we had was delicious, and our service was great. The sauce on the Pad Thai was a little too sweet for my tastes, but that is simply personal preference. It certainly wouldn’t stop me from going back to Basil.

So the next time you’re in the Seaside Farms area of Mt Pleasant and you want some delicious Thai food, check out Basil!


(I was in no way paid for this post The views expressed in this review are purely my own.)



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