Like many of our fellow Charleston-ians, we evacuated for Hurricane Florence. As of this moment, it’s uncertain if the storm will actually do much damage to our area, but I know that the SC government wasn’t taking any chances. Because of the Mandatory Evacuation, Ryan and I found ourselves with a few unexpected days of paid vacation (thank you Pinnacle and Mashburn), so we headed on down to Middle Georgia to spend time with Ryan’s family. We were already planning to come today, but instead, we arrived on Wednesday evening.

Whenever we’re in Peach County, there is one local spot that I always want to hit up. I mean, I even ate here about two days before my wedding. What is this spot, you’re wondering? Well, I’ll tell ya. It’s Nu-Way, where they serve the best wieners around!


Seriously, though. This place is a Middle Georgia staple, y’all. The “wieners” are a distinct red color, and when they come loaded down with chili on a warm bun, they are delicious! For the first time today, I also tried the MegaBurger, which was good, too.  And of course, no meal at Nu-Way would be complete without some fries on the side and an ice-cold sweet tea (and they have the best ice). The food is also served on an unassuming styrofoam plate. It may not be fancy, but it certainly doesn’t have an affect on the taste.


Take note, though, because Nu-Way’s “large” tea is actually more like a gallon of tea! Oops.


Nu-Way has locations in Macon, Fort Valley, and Warner Robins. If you’re ever in this part of Georgia, you should stop by the nearest Nu-Way. It’s a bit like stepping back in time, almost to a world of Happy Days or something similar. Sit down, have yourself a couple of hot dogs, and don’t forget your sweet tea.


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