Where It All Began

August is a month that holds a lot of meaning to me, for many different reasons. First of all, both of my parents were born in August, as was my mother-in-law (would you believe that my mom and MIL have the same birthdate?)

But why does August really mean so much to me? Because it’s the month that I met Ryan!

On August 15, 2012, I headed back to Statesboro, GA for my second semester at Georgia Southern University. One of my friends from my Freshman year of college at Middle Georgia had transferred to GSU that semester, and he and I made plans to meet for dinner since he only knew a handful of people on campus.

I’m not going to lie, y’all—I dressed up a little bit for this dinner, even though it was decidedly NOT a date. I wore a new red dress that I had picked up in Athens over the summer, and I had actually gone to Belk’s for some new makeup earlier that day, and the woman at the Clinique counter basically gave me a free makeover. (I give her some credit—even if she did give me a hard time about my skin that day).

Only a couple hours before I was supposed to meet my friend, he texted me to say that he was going to bring someone else with him—a friend of his from back home. Little did I know that one day, I would call that friend from back home my husband.

It was a hot summer evening when the three of us met up at El Sombrero Mexican Restaurant in Statesboro. I remember the exact table that we sat at, the exact shirt that Ryan wore, and even what he ordered (a Burrito Grande) which is quite ironic because I certainly had no idea he was someone I would end up dating and marrying. Ryan was quirky from the start—incredibly ADD, to the point that he would be in the middle of telling a story, get distracted, and let his words trail off.

While I don’t remember what we talked about that evening at dinner, I remember laughing  A LOT. Two things stood out to be about Ryan: he was TALL and he had shoulder-length curly hair.


(One the first times we hung out. Check out that hair! And Ryan looked so preppy that my mom asked me over and over if he was in a fraternity. This is also the first photo that Ryan’s family saw of me on social media, which piqued their curiosity.)

After supper that evening, I told both boys that I was planning to bake chocolate chip cookies back at my apartment, and I asked if they wanted to come over (after getting security clearance from my older brother, with whom I was living). Neither one of them could resist cookies, so we ended up back at the apartment, eating warm cookies and watching Superbad and The Expendables 2. Now, I can’t be 100% certain that the cookies are what made Ryan notice me, but I definitely think they helped!

From that day in August until late in December, my friendship with Ryan evolved into something deeper and stronger. He became my best friend, and then I fell in love with him. We spent almost every spare moment together in November & December, and Ryan invited me home to meet his family over Christmas Break. Once I met them (and they approved of me) we made it “official”. So we’ve now known each other for SIX years, been dating for almost SIX, and been married for almost a year and a half. It’s really amazing how much our relationship has evolved and changed since we met that day.

IMG_6666 copy

(Graduation from Georgia Southern University, May 2015)


But, no matter how much we change and grow, Ryan will still be my best friend. And I’ll always be grateful that our mutual friend brought Ryan to dinner at El Som that night.

Bye y’all,



(First vacation I took with Ryan and his family to Palm Coast Florida in Summer 2013)


(Me and Ryan in Jacksonville on my birthday after I finished my 1/2 marathon)


(Tailgating at GSU with our friend Blake)


(Preparing to go skydiving for the first time in our Junior year of college)


(Skydiving the second time….I want to say the beginning of our Senior year)

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  1. I remember Bibi coming to me saying, “I think Ryan might have a girlfriend.” She kept seeing your picture pop up on Ryan’s FB. Jim nor I was on FB at the time. So glad it all worked out😊. You’ve been a fantastic addition to our family! We love you.


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