20 Questions With Me!

IMG_5493Hi everyone,

I wanted to share a little bit more about myself (in case you’re don’t already know me very well). So I decided to answer Twenty Questions about myself. Here goes!

  1. What’s my favorite book? “Little Women”, definitely. It’s the best “coming-of-age story I’ve ever read, and I read it at least once every two years. I love the characters and the fact that we get to be a part of the characters’ lives from the time they’re young until they’re older, married, and starting families of their own.
  2. Who are my favorite authors? Mary Alice Monroe, Nancy Thayer, Elin Hildebrand, and Mary Kay Andrews. All write beach reads, but they each have a different take.
  3. What’s my favorite ice cream flavor? Ben & Jerry’s Half Baked, for sure!
  4. What are my favorite movie? When Harry Met Sally. I love 80s/90s romcoms, but especially this one!
  5. What’s my favorite TV show?  FRIENDS!!! Outlander, based on the hit novel series by Diana Gabaldon, is a close favorite!
  6. Most beautiful place I have ever visited? Grand Turk in the Turks & Caicos islands. The water is crystal blue for as far as you can see, the beaches are white, and there is sea glass everywhere!
  7. What is one place I want to travel to soon? Scotland. It’s where Outlander is based (well part of it) and it looks so beautiful. Planning/hoping to go in 2020.
  8. Using one word, describe my family: BIG!
  9. As a child, what did I want to be when I grew up? An actress! I just knew I would make it big one day. And I guess I sorta did…on a local level, though!
  10. Who would play me in a movie about my life? Amanda Seyfried, definitely! You’ve seen her in Letters to Juliet, Mamma Mia, and Dear John.
  11. What cheers me up on a bad day? A walk on the beach typically helps, watching a few episodes of Friends, or a good hug from Ryan (he gives the best ones).
  12. What do I love most about living in the Charleston area? The proximity to the beach! I absolutely love living in the Lowcountry and seeing marshes and palm trees everywhere. And our apartment is less than fifteen minutes to the beach!
  13. What’s it like to be the baby of such a large family? It definitely has pros and cons. I know my parents were much more lenient on certain things, but also much more strict in some areas than they were with my older siblings.
  14. What is one thing that I always have in my purse? Gum or mints, both for anxiety and for fresh breath!
  15. What’s my biggest pet peeve? People who think they’re entitled to something. Get that attitude away from me! You have to work for it and earn it!
  16. What’s my current favorite song? “SIMPLE” by Florida Georgia Line.
  17. What is something I will splurge on? Good books & great food.
  18. Something I won’t splurge on? Name brand groceries–give me the Harris Teeter (our local Kroger, essentially) brand any day.
  19. What is my guilty pleasure food? Mozzarella sticks, preferably from Sonic. Accompanied by a large sweet tea. I haven’t allowed myself to visit Sonic much in the last few months.
  20. Coffee or tea? Coffee, for sure. Unless we’re talking about good Southern sweet tea. Which I’ve given up almost completely. I drink coffee in the mornings at home and occasionally get an iced coffee during the day from the small coffee shop across from my office.

I hope you learned something you didn’t know about me. And if you didn’t…well I’m glad you know me so well!


Bye y’all,



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