July Recap/Goals For August


Can you believe that today is the last day of July? I feel as if it was July 4th a few days ago and now it’s the end of the month! Where did time go? Part of me feels as if I didn’t accomplish anything this month, and yet I know that I did, so here’s a brief recap of July for us.

  • We celebrated the 4thof July. It was very low-key for us this year, but we still enjoyed our day off from work.
  • We helped celebrate Ryan’s maternal grandparents’ 60thWedding Anniversary in Georgia, which was a fun overnight trip home.
  • I saw one of my former coworkers from Enterprise. We haven’t seen each other in two years, I don’t think, because I moved to Charleston and he moved to Europe and then Virginia. I got to have dinner with him and his girlfriend while they were in town for a wedding, and it was so great to catch up.
  • We added Poppy to our family, and let me tell you—that dog is so adorable! First of all, it’s like she was born knowing that the couch and the bed are the most comfortable spots in the house, and she wants to get on them. It won’t be long before she’s big enough to jump up there, either. When she’s not sleeping (sometimes with her head propped on the water bowl), she and Goose are tumbling around the living room, wrestling. They love each other! We’re working on house-training, but Poppy is catching on fast!
  • We got to hang out with Ryan’s former roommate and our close friend, Ben, who moved to Atlanta shortly after we married. He and his girlfriend came to town for—wait for it—a curling competition. That’s right—they compete in curling, and they really enjoy it! They came over to hang out with us for a few minutes on Friday night and then we went to brunch together on Sunday. It’s always good to catch up. (Fun note, Ben and I have conflicting views on the sea-turtles, and he MIGHT make an appearance in my book. Or be a supporting character).
  • I FINISHED MY BOOK! Well, mostly. I finished the 4thdraft, and now I’m sending my book off to my beta-readers for feedback and critique. I finished on Sunday afternoon, and it was such a great feeling!IMG_6270

So that was July…

We had a busy month, and we did some fun things. But in the last part of this month, I really made a point to sit down and relax a little more—watch a few movies that I had missed at the theaters. It was really nice to just put my feet up and worry a little less.

Y’all know I love to make a list, and I now have a little notebook that is entirely dedicated to writing down my goals and anything else I really want to accomplish. Since all I’ve done is recap the month, I thought I’d also share some of my August goals with you.

  • Clean off porch and get it ready for Fall (so we can use it when the weather is cooler)
  • Begin scrapbooking wedding photos
  • Cross several items off our Summer Bucket List
  • Plan a weekend vacation for my birthday.
  • Begin plotting my next novel (this is exciting for me)
  • Begin researching self-publishing.
  • Read a LOT of books!
  • Spend as little unnecessary money as possible.

That last goal is one I set for us this morning when I realized how much money we spent over the weekend, without even realizing that we had done it. I’m not making that mistake anymore!

How was your July? Did you do anything fun or exciting? What goals do you have for yourself? Comment below!


Bye y’all,



  1. Emma, I am so proud of you for finishing your book! July was such a milestone month for you, and I can’t wait to beta read your story! Keep up all the good work!


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