Friday 5: Five Things I Love About Living In Charleston.


The Proximity to the Beach. We live in Mount Pleasant, which is only about 10 minutes from Sullivan’s Island and Isle of Palms. If we want to drive a little further, we can visit Folly Beach or Kiawah/Seabrook (but we rarely do). It really is so nice to be able to drive out to the beach to watch the sunset or just take a walk occasionally—it’s like free therapy for me!


(Ryan & Goose at Folly Beach, SC)

Talk about Culture! There is always SOMETHING going on in Charleston—festivals, concerts, farmers markets, etc. On any given weekend, we can easily find something fun and exciting to do. And, if for some reason, nothing on the community calendars suits our fancy, we can always visit one of the many museums in the area (the Hunley exhibit is one of our favorites).


(Book signing for Mary Alice Monroe at the South Carolina Aquarium)

All the Food! I mean, come on—this city is known for its food. We have so many world-renowned restaurants, and new places open up every week. As I’ve told you before, we have some favorites, but I truly have eaten some of the best food ever in this city. If you want to find some truly amazing shrimp ‘n grits or some really good barbecue, come to town!


(Hushpuppies with pimento cheese and pimento jam at Mainland Container Co)

It’s Fido-Friendly­. Y’all, we can take our dogs everywhere. I’m talking about places like TJ Maxx and Target! I took Goose with me when I went Christmas shopping last year! Almost all the restaurants with outdoor seating allow dogs, and we take Goose to dinner with us a lot on the weekends. We’re getting ready to start socializing Poppy, too, so she gets used to people and seeing other dogs.


(Goose, Christmas shopping at Target last December. I made him sit in the buggy

All the Parks/Outdoor Areas. I love the number of parks and public outdoor areas that there are to enjoy in this area. We have at least four or five parks within a ten-mile radius, most of them with views of the water somewhere. We like to talk walks along the Pitt Street Bridge or take the dogs to Alhambra Hall, and it’s a great opportunity to take the dogs for a walk or simply get some fresh air.





So there are the top five things I love about living in the Charleston area. We love having all of these amazing places so close by, and we are very blessed to live here. It’s definitely not something we take for granted, I promise.

Bye y’all,


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