Ink N Ivy

It’s Food-Day Friday, and I have an incredible place to tell y’all about today!


A couple weeks ago, Ryan and I were planning to go downtown for some shopping, and I asked him where he wanted to eat. To my surprise, he suggested a restaurant that he had seen on King Street—a place called Ink N Ivy. I looked over the menu, and off we went.

And y’all…wow! Just wow!

First of all, Ink N Ivy was unique and funky on the inside with a really eclectic vibe. We were seated right away—it was actually not too crowded—but I instinctively got the impression that at night, the space takes on a whole other persona, probably more of an upscale cocktail bar.


For an appetizer, we ordered brussels sprouts. I’ve only recently started to eat (and enjoy) brussels sprouts, but these were probably the best I’ve ever had. They were blackened and crispy, drizzled with a white bbq sauce, and topped with feta cheese and sunflower seeds. And the entire plate was only $5, and the portion size was very generous. They were delicious!


Ryan ordered the goat-cheese burger with arugula, roasted tomato salsa, avocado, and chili aioli, and judging by the short few minutes that it took him to demolish his burger, I think it’s safe to assume he enjoyed it!

I ordered the fried chicken sandwich with white bbq sauce, bacon, and lettuce (it normally comes with jalapeño, but I’m not big on spicy), and it was really yummy. I would also like to add that the French fried were amazing. I don’t know if they were beer-battered—most of the ones I’ve had that tasted like this were beer battered—but wow! Talk about an amazing lunch!


Ink N Ivy’s lunch prices are so reasonable, and the food was so yummy. I would definitely recommend it. They also have locations in Charlotte & Greenville, if you’re up that way.

One last thing I wanted to share was that after we ate lunch, we drove further down King Street so that I could go in H&M. It began to storm while I was in the store, and when I came out, the streets of Charleston were flooding. Not even kidding, y’al1! Not only that, but lightning was streaking all around and the already-loud claps of thunder were echoing between the buildings. It was intense!

We waited under the awning for close to half an hour before I went back inside H&M and bought an umbrella. With that shielding us somewhat, we walked a little further down the street to Forever 21. While I was in there, the rain finally stopped, but we walked over to Market Street to see the flooding. I’ve never really been downtown during this much rain, but it was really an experience. We’re talking water up to my calves in place, sometimes a little higher.

I hope y’all have a great weekend, and try Ink N Ivy next time you’re in downtown Charleston!

Bye y’all,


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