4th of July Recap!


We didn’t have any big plans for the 4thof July this year. All I wanted was to go to the beach and watch some fireworks—nothing too extravagant. We woke up at about 6am on Wednesday morning, determined to beat a lot of other day-trippers to the beach. It was raining when we woke up, but the Weather Channel seemed to think the shower would pass quickly.

We definitely beat the crowds to the beach and claimed a parking spot in the prime beachfront parking area on Isle of Palms. It was still cloudy, and we could tell it was raining in other parts of Charleston, but not on our section of the beach. We set up our chairs and our umbrella and spent the next half hour relaxing. I read a book (The Perfect Couple by Elin Hildebrand is such a good read—an excellent beach read) while Ryan and Goose explored the beach.



And then clouds began to gather over the ocean. Dark, ominous clouds. One quick check of the weather radar on our phones showed a large rain-shower moving inland. We took the umbrella down, loaded all of our stuff into the beach wagon, and covered everything with a beach towel.




“It’s just rain,” I told Ryan, watching rain move across the ocean towards us. “I don’t mind getting a little wet.”

Famous last words.

The rain reached the beach and began to pelt us viciously, each drop stinging when it hit my back. Goose was very confused and didn’t like standing out in the middle of the downpour. He tried to jump into the beach wagon (unsuccessfully) and then seemed relatively appeased when I shielded him with my body. Luckily, we were close to the IOP County Park pier, and we made a dash for it!

For the next forty-five minutes, we stood underneath that pier, along with a handful of other people, while the rain poured down. We got lucky, though; a family of about six people huddled around their umbrella for at least twenty minutes before they realized that the shower wasn’t going to pass over within a few minutes.

Once the shower finally passed, we were able to get in a good hour of partly-cloudy beach weather before another group of dark clouds began to roll towards the beach. Around 11am, we finally gave up and headed home. Goose, who had gotten a lot of exercise on the beach, promptly passed out. He was sound asleep—so deep that I didn’t wake him up as I got closer and closer to take a picture.



A few days beforehand, I cooked a pot of Mama’s Dime Store Hot Dog Chili (so good), so we ate hot dogs and chili for lunch on the 4th. And you know what happened after lunch? The clouds blew away, the sun came out, and it turned into a beautiful beach day. By that point, though, we had decided to spend the afternoon in the house. I worked on revising my novel while Ryan watched some TV. Finally, when suppertime began to roll around, we decided to dress in our red-white-and-blue and head out to Shem Creek for supper. Shelter, our go-to restaurant ( https://peachestopalmettos.blog/2018/07/06/food-day-friday-shelter-kitchenbar/ ) was, surprisingly, not packed. We were seated right away and spent the next hour or so watching a lot of intoxicated people make fools of themselves.

After supper, we walked out on the boardwalk of Shem Creek Park. Goose was wearing a patriotic bandana, and so many people stopped us to compliment him. One little boy asked to pet him, and his mother told me that her son has only ever asked to touch a dog two or three times because they make him so nervous! Goose was very sweet and allowed the little boy to pet him (the little boy was about six or seven).




Shem Creek Park is a great place to watch the fireworks (we watched them there last year) but we were worried that Goose wouldn’t react well to them, so we went back to the house and decided to watch them from the small, marsh-front point in our apartment complex…

…which was the same idea about fifteen other people had. And even though we could see the fireworks, we couldn’t hear them. For me, hearing and feeling the “boom” that accompanies a large firework show is really the best part. Not to mention, it was so humid outside that Ryan and I ultimately decided to head into the house.

Overall, we had a good 4thof July, but I think it’s definitely more fun when we have plans with friends or family. Or when it doesn’t rain torrentially at the beach. I hope each of you had a fantastic Independence Day!

Bye y’all,



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