Friday Five: 5 Signs I’m Turning Into My Mother


(Mama at my wedding)

Growing up, many of us are often convinced that we will never be like our parents. But  the older you get, the more you realize that you can’t escape it. It WILL happen. Trust me, you’ll have that day when you open your mouth to speak…and your mother’s words come out. With every passing day, I get more like my mother (just ask my husband), and I’ve identified five signs that I am rapidly turning into my mother.

  1. I talk like her. Seriously, half the phrases and “Southern-isms” that leave my mouth are something I once I heard my mother say. A lot of the time, it’s the way I say something like, “are you just gonna run him over?” when someone is following a car too closely (I’m talking to you Ryan). I also find myself saying, “well as my mama would say…” and then following that with some iconic “Southernism”. She bought me a decorative sign a couple years ago that says, “Sometimes I Open My Mouth, and My Mother Comes Out.”
  2. I love to peruse used book stores.When we were kids, we used to hate when Mama would disappear into a used bookstore because we knew she could easily stay for an hour or more, perusing the titles. One day, about six months ago, I went to Goodwill on my lunch break specifically to look at the used books, in case I saw anything that I needed to add to my library. It hit me while I was standing with my neck craned at an unnatural angle, struggling to read the book spines. I pulled out my phone, called my Mama, and told her what I was doing. We agreed that I was definitely becoming more and more like her.
  3. I make todo lists. For as long as I can remember, my mom has made daily to-do lists, lists for holiday plans, lists for shopping trips, etc. And I DEFINITELY picked this habit up from her! The older I get, the more lists I make for anything and everything.
  4. Grocery shopping trips can turn into social occasions. When we were kids, my mom would “run to the grocery store real quick”…and be gone for an hour. Sometimes more. We would joke—“wonder who Mama’s talkin’ to”. Sure enough, she’d come home and tell us that she had seen someone that she hadn’t talked to in months or years, and they’d spent years catching up in the produce section. Now that I’ve lived in Mt Pleasant for over a year, and I’ve gotten to know a lot of locals, I’ve see two or three people I know each time I’m in the grocery store, and we have to discuss the crazy state of road work in our area and how chaotic tourist season is getting around here.
  5. I feel naked without some color on my lips. If we were “out and about” (meaning not at home), Mama always wanted to put on a touch of lipstick, and she had her signature Clinique color…A Different Grape, maybe. I used to think this was silly, but these days, I find myself applying a little lipstick before we go somewhere, just to add a “touch of color”.

The way I look at it, none of these little quirks are bad—they’re simply proof that my mother’s habits rubbed off on me after living with her for eighteen years! Because of her, people will never mistake where I’m from (Southern & proud of it), I’ll always have a well-stocked bookshelf, my life will be semi-organized, I’ll make time to catch up with friends during mundane tasks, and I’ll always have some color on my lips!


(At my wedding, April 2017)


(At college graduation, May 2015)

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  1. Okay, that one made me cry. And yes, I do make lots of lists; problem is, I forget to look at them. So I really end up right back where I started. I’m proud of you for actually using your lists as guides for your days.


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