Screen Door


Trying a lot of new restaurants is one of the biggest items on our Summer Bucket List, mainly because there are so many restaurants in the Charleston area!

Lately, Ryan and I have diligently planned out our meals for weeknights and grocery shopped for the entire week on Sunday. On the weekends, though, we eat out. Last night, I asked Ryan to pick the place. (I actually have a handwritten list of restaurants to try). Surprisingly, he actually picked a restaurant that I had somehow left off my list: Screen Door on James Island.


Now, if you live around here and you’ve driven down Folly Road before, you’ve probably noticed this place. What makes it stand out? The screened patio on the front of the restaurant is made entirely of screen doors! What is more quintessentially beachy than a screened door? (You know, the door opens and slams against a wall, and then the hinges squeak loudly when it closes back).  I was excited about trying this place, primarily because this was a good change of pace for us: leaving Mount Pleasant and driving over to James Island.

(For those of you who don’t know, the greater Charleston area is comprised of downtown Charleston, Mount Pleasant, Sullivan’s Island, Isle of Palms, West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Folly Beach, North Charleston, Ladson, and Summerville. That might be a really big stretch of the word ‘greater’ but it’s how I see it). Even though none of these areas are very far from us, Ryan and I have gotten so comfortable staying in Mt. Pleasant.)


 One of the biggest draws of Screen Door was that we could the porch area is dog-friendly. Luckily for us, we were seated inside the screened porch because a huge downpour came up unexpectedly while we were eating. Our server was really sweet and brought us our drink orders periodically. In fact, all evening, we had great service. Different members of the wait-staff would drop by our table occasionally to make sure we had everything we needed.


Screen Door’s menu has something for everyone, if you ask me. For an appetizer, we chose Wood Fired Wings with an Old Bay dry rub. If you’ve never had Old Bay seasoning on wings, you’re missing out! For his entrée, Ryan ordered the pizza special of the day. The summertime pizza was an olive-oil based pizza with squash, zucchini, red onion, and roasted corn. I’m not even a fan of onions, but y’all…this pizza was seriously delicious!


(Our wings)


(Ryan’s pizza and my Burger!)

As I mentioned in my last Food-Day Friday post, I’m not real big on trying unusual things. So what did I order? James Island’s Best Burger. (That’s the way it’s labeled on the menu by the way). While I haven’t tried every burger on JI, let me tell you this. That burger was soooooo good! The actual burger itself tasted fresh and homemade, and it reminded me of when my dad grills out in the summertime. On the burger was bacon, pimento cheese, lettuce and tomato—and not just any tomato. A fresh, juicy tomato that tasted like something I could pick up at the local farmer’s market. That, paired with some of the best pimento cheese I have ever eaten, was an amazing combination. This was also one of the messiest burgers I have ever tried to eat, but I loved every minute of it.

Bottom line: if you want some really tasty food, good service, and a fun atmosphere, go to Screen Door. You won’t regret it.

On a side note, if you go to Screen Door, drive just a few more minutes down Folly Road and go to Folly Beach. After dinner, we went down to the Washout and hunted for shark’s teeth while we watched the sunset. It was beautiful and the perfect way to relax after supper.




I was not paid or endorsed in any way for this restaurant review.

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