Shop Locally!


One of the great things about my job is that every Tuesday (starting in April), the Mt Pleasant Farmers Market is literally right across the street.

I love the Farmers Market! First of all, it’s really a social event—you see people you know, you get to pet cute dogs (I take Goose sometimes), and you chat with strangers over a love of the fresh goods and tasty food.

While I love getting fresh fruits and vegetables from the market, my favorite thing to buy at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market are fresh flowers from Wimbee Creek Farms. These helpful ladies will assemble a beautiful bouquet of blooms, incorporating any of the specific flowers I admire. These bouquets will last for well over a week, and I love the warm touch they add to our home.


(Wimbee Creek Farms knows how to grow flowers!)

My second favorite thing to pick up at the market: donuts from BKeD. These are literally some of the best donuts I’ve ever tasted, and there are so many fun flavors! My favorite is the cinnamon-sugar, but the original is equally as delicious. They are huge donuts, so I usually get one for me and one for Ryan, but it’s often tempting to walk away with a half dozen. Tempting, but dangerous. BKeD can often be found across the street from the market site on Friday mornings, selling their donuts outside Brown Fox Coffee. My Friday morning treat to myself is often a donut and an iced latte from Brown Fox. (Yes, I know that’s a lot of calories, but I don’t go every week). BKeD is also opening a brick-and-mortar location this Friday (located at 99 Westedge St, Charleston SC—part of the Caroline Apartments, across from the Joe Riley Stadium).


(Krispy Kreme and Dunkin’ only wish they were this good!)

And of course, I love to pick up all of the fresh fruits and vegetables that we want for the week. Fresh, locally grown strawberries and tomatoes are my favorites, though. Ryan loves to grab a huge bag of squash and zucchini, even though we can never cook and eat it all before it goes bad.

Lastly, as I’m leaving, I try to pick up a to-go plate from Charleston Bay Gourmet. Their BBQ and ribs are delicious, but the squash casserole is “award-winning”, as they proudly told me. And y’all, they’re not kidding—it’s fantastic! One plate is easily enough for two people, or I have leftovers for the next day.

Don’t hesitate to shop locally when you can! Many of these farmers who bring their produce to the market are operating farms that they inherited and that have been going for year.


For my locals, the Mt P Farmers Market runs till September, every Tuesday from 3:30pm-7pm. The Charleston Farmers Market (located in Marion Square) is every Saturday from 8am-2pm and runs through November. Thursday, June 28th is the last day of the Sullivan’s Island Farmers Market (from 2:30-6:30pm), and the Isle of Palms Market is Sept 6-Oct 25th from 3-7pm.


  1. All the bright colors of the veggies make you want to buy them. I’ve enjoyed visiting the market when we come over.


  2. Shopping locally and supporting small businesses is so important! Farmers markets are one of my favorite things about warmer weather. I LOVE fresh flowers, they make me happy and help bring life and smiles to any home. Sounds like this market offers a variety of delicious treats and produce… A good place to go to find a new favorite!


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