Friday Five: 5 Things About Ryan

t RyanHappy Friday everyone! I hope you have some fun plans for your weekend! We sure do! First thing tomorrow morning, Ryan, Goose, and I are headed to his hometown of Byron, Georgia. Why you ask? Because it’s Ryan’s 27th Birthday on Sunday! Not only does Ryan’s birthday fall on Sunday, but so does Father’s Day and Ryan’s grandfather’s birthday. Overall, this weekend will be a celebration of several people who are very near and dear to my heart.

In honor of his birthday, I decided to do my very first Friday Five about my husband. We have been married for fourteen months now and together for over five years. Many of you already know him, but for my readers who don’t, here are FIVE FUN FACTS about my husband, Ryan.


  1. When I met him he had long, curly hair. Shoulder-length curly hair. Even I didn’t quite know what to make of him, but when I found out that Ryan was growing it out for Locks of Love in honor of his young cousin who was battling cancer, I melted. When he finally cut it (about four months after we met), I didn’t feel like I was dating the same person anymore. Ryan2
  2. Ryan is allergic to a LOT of things, and my mom jokes that he might develop an allergy to me one day! Ryan is allergic to most nuts, he’s allergic to cats and horses, and he’s lactose intolerant. I’m not gonna lie—this is tough for me, because I love pecans (properly pronounced “pea-cans).
  3. Ryan is an Assistant Superintendent for a local construction company here in the Charleston area. Right now, he’s working on a huge renovation and relocation of a pet-boutique (which happens to be one of Goose’s favorite stores). He loves working with hands, and I’m so excited about this opportunity for him.
  4. Ryan loves crazy socks. The crazier, the better. The brighter, the better. Ryan has a huge drawer of socks, and most of them are crazy bright and colorful. In fact, he gave his groomsmen wacky purple socks to wear in the wedding!ryan3
  5. Sirachi is a food group for Ryan. He puts Sirachi on EVERYTHING! And we don’t just have regular Sirachi…we have Sirachi mustard, Sirachi honey…It’s borderline crazy.

So there it is—five random facts about my husband (who has no idea I’m writing this about him). He’s quirky and a little goofy sometimes, but I wouldn’t change a thing about him!



  1. Happy Birthday weekend to two of the kindest men I know…my son and my dad. Can’t wait to see y’all and Goose😊.


  2. Love reading your blog, Emma — and, of course, I love reading about my first Georgia nephew — he stole my heart 27 years ago. Can’t wait to see you two and begin a weekend of celebrations!


  3. Haha! Honestly he reminds me a lot of my husband! Big, loving guys with beards and glasses who just want want to wear fun socks, be goofy, and eat Sriracha. What’s not to love? Haha


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