Ember Wood Fired Kitchen


We have seen Ember Wood Fired Kitchen several times now (because it’s close to our apartment) but we’ve never tried it. After seeing a blogger I follow on Instagram try it out, I knew we needed to go. (Her IG is Charleston Blonde, and you should go follow her!) I guess this is sort of being a copycat, but what can I say? She inspired us to try it!

We went on a Friday night, and it didn’t take that long for us to snag a table outside because we had to take Goose with us. Obviously. (I will add that the outdoor area was very dog-friendly, and we were immediately given a bowl of water for Goose). The service was great for the entire evening, and the menu was enough to make my mouth water!


(Look at my handsome dinner date)

After perusing, we ordered based off the recommendations from Charleston Blonde—tagliatelle with a sweet Italian sausage in vodka sauce and the Ember pizza with oak-roasted chicken, tomato, basil, mozzarella, whipped ricotta, and piquillo pepper jam. Y’all…this food was amazing! If you know me, you’ll know that I’m not too keen on trying new, unusual things. I have gotten better (I even like mushrooms and onions now), but Ryan still pushes me to try new, exotic things. While this pizza was hardly “exotic”, it was definitely different from what I normally it. I mean, whipped ricotta? I didn’t even know that was a thing! And that pasta…wow! I wanted to eat the whole bowl , but I knew I would be miserably full.

IMG_1303 2


IMG_8962 2

We ordered an appetizer of sweet potato wedges with maple syrup and herbs, which were also yummy, but I would say that this restaurant’s entrees outshine everything else.

We sat on the patio, but I did have to take a peek inside. The interior of the restaurant was so well-designed—warm and cozy, with a hint of romantic ambiance. Ryan and I will definitely go back for a date night with a glass of wine and some pasta!

Next time, I want to try the dessert pizza. I’m gonna need some help eating it, though; it’s covered in Nutella, and Ryan’s allergic to hazelnuts so… Y’all can’t let me order that whole thing for only one person!


(Goose tried SO hard to get us to feed him from the table…with those eyes pleading up at me, it was so hard to resist. But he can’t have table food and I didn’t feel like sharing!)


(I was not compensated in any way for this post. It was just genuinely good food, and I wanted to share about it.)

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