Silly Goose the Border Collie

Let me introduce our (fur) child. Goose is a one-year old Blue Merle Border Collie, and he’s probably the best dog we could have gotten.

Goose became a part of our little family in July 2017, and we knew that we would have to dedicate a lot of time to a puppy. Not just any puppy, but a Border Collie puppy. From the minute we brought him home, Goose had a ton of energy. He was the cutest, fluffiest little ball of fur when we got him.

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(The day after we got Goose, we introduced him to brunch at Shelter Bar & Grill)

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Buying Goose was an interesting fiasco; Ryan found him on Craigslist and suggested we drive out to see him (an hour drive south). We had been looking for a puppy for months, but we were considering waiting a little longer. I knew that if Ryan was ready to go look at a puppy, we were going to have a puppy by the end of the day. Sure enough, it was love at first sight. But then things got…interesting. Long story short, the young man we bought Goose from was not the sole owner of the puppy, and he sold it without telling his girlfriend (the co-owner of the sweet little ball of fluff.) She and her mother were prepared to refund us our money and come get him, but I had grown so attached (we found all of this out three or four days AFTER we bought him). Ryan pled our case with them, and they ultimately allowed us to keep Goose (bless them!) and have since kept up with us and him via social media.

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(Goose sitting so politely while we ate dinner at Poogan’s Smokehouse in downtown Charleston before Hurricane Irma hit)

Speaking of social media, did I mention that Goose has his very own Instagram? Oh yes! @sillygoosethebordercollie. He’s quite popular, particularly around Mt Pleasant. We always wanted a dog who would adapt to our lifestyle and go everywhere with us. Fortunately, Charleston is one of the most dog-friendly cities around! Goose has dinner with us (we have to sit outside, of course), and he’s even able to do some shopping with me (thanks Target, Ulta, & Palmetto Moon). Goose is a social butterfly, and people around town have often recognize him from his Instagram or from seeing him somewhere around town.

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(Goose went Christmas shopping with me at Target in Mt. Pleasant. I made him sit in the buggy, and I tied his leash to the handle. I had so many members of the Target team tell me that he was so well behaved and they petted him, and he loved it!)

Here’s a crazy story—Goose has a brother from another litter (Roo), and I met actually met Roo’s mom through social media (Bumble BFF, anyone?). We figured out that our dogs were related and now she and I are friends. Goose and Roo look so, so much alike, but have such different personalities.


(Roo and Goose wearing the matching Salty Dog Cafe bandanas, May 2018)

I will tell anyone thinking of getting a dog this: dogs are a lot of work, and a ton of responsibility. Whenever we go out of town, we have to arrange for someone to take care of him. Sometimes that means making lots of phone calls, paying someone, etc. Especially if you’re like me and don’t want to have him stay somewhere that he will be locked in a kennel all day.

Recently, Goose was diagnosed with gastroenteritis and had to have lots of x-rays and bloodwork done. I almost cried when I saw the vet bill (but I love him, so what could I do?). I would also tell you that you need to be very, very, very, very sure that you are ready to take on a potentially destructive, mischievous puppy. We got lucky; Goose chewed something once, we scolded, and he’s rarely ever chewed anything besides his toys since. I would also advise you to think smart when it comes to the breed of dog you want. Ryan and I love going to the beach and parks around here anyways, so it works out for Goose because he can go, too. If you’re not willing to take your dog to play often or maybe you enjoy sleeping in, don’t adopt a high-energy breed. Goose wakes me up at 5:30am almost every day. He rarely naps, and I think he could sustain himself on four-five hours of sleep a night. It takes a full day of the beach to wear him out.

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(This is the face of a dog who doesn’t understand why his human can’t play fetch with him while she’s getting ready for work!)

Goose is so well-behaved that he has free reign of the house when we’re at work, but I’m fairly certain that he sleeps on our bed and watches squirrels out the window. Goose is a lover of squeaky balls and random little bits of fabric torn off toys (not even kidding here). Early in the morning (I’m talking 5am), he will wake me up. And by that, I mean that he’ll snuggle up to me, often plopping down right on top of me or stepping on my chest or stomach. And then he’ll lick me and shove his cold, wet nose in my face until I either pay attention to him or push him off the bed. Sometimes, if his attempts to rouse me from the bed aren’t working, he’ll curl up at my feet and doze for a few more minutes before trying again.

If you want to see more photos of Goose, just check out his Instagram. And if you spot us around town, be sure to say hello! Goose will probably have some kisses for you!


(Goose just celebrated his 1st Birthday! He is such a sweet doggie!)

P.S. We’ve recently applied to adopt a one-year old Border Collie/Australian Shepherd mix from a rescue/foster group up in Charlotte, NC. From her description, she sounds like she would be a perfect fit for our little family, so I’m really hoping we hear back soon. (P.S., Mom, I know you’re probably reading this—at least you better be—and thinking that we’re crazy. But hey, we had two dogs in the house growing up, so…)

More Photos…I just have so many!


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(Halloween 2017)

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(Goose LOVED the snow from Winter Storm Grayson in 2018….yes, it snowed in the Lowcountry. We had several snow days, and Goose played and played. We also had him a warm bomber jacket to wear!)



  1. Emma I love your new blog!! Your writing is so easy to read and the stories are so well told. Congrats and good luck! I can’t wait to see your next story.
    Cindy Goetz 🐶🐢
    PS. We enjoyed sharing a table with you and Ryan at Sarah and Cody’s wedding.


  2. Congratulations on your new blog, Emma. I’m enjoying it. And as your mom, I AM surprised to learn that you and Ryan are in the process of adopting another dog. I knew you were considering it but didn’t know you were actively pursuing the idea. (And yes, I do think you’re crazy, but it’s your little red wagon!) Kind of reminds me of your telling me once that you were considering becoming an Uber driver and my advising against it only to learn later and inadvertently from one of your brothers-in-law that you did indeed try it for a while. I’ve accepted that my baby has grown up and makes her own decisions. And I wish you only the best. I love you.


  3. I love seeing pics of Goose growing up to be a big boy. He’s my favorite granddog.😊

    Goose’s Nana


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